Thursday, May 16, 2013

No More Room At the Inn

 No more room at the inn
material goods are packed

in the upper center is the corner of my slab roller
Lowe's actually had the least expensive moving boxes
I like their motto, never stop improving

material goods headed out
I'll be visiting you soon
much to do right now on the last day here
thanks for reading and for all your comments


  1. That vehicle is it an old school bus? Good luck with the remainder of your preparations, Linda, I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures..hope you'll be able to keep up the good work with your blog. :)

  2. Good luck. And there must be some pangs to go with the move (like leaving your maple trees) as well as all the excitement...

  3. Hi Mark, thanks, it's an old church bus, the ones with the back doors are best for moving, we take out all the seats and it can hold a lot of stuff. Ha. We have moved four times with a bus, either a church bus or a school bus, this one came across the United States from California, now it'll be in storage till we find another place.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, yes a few pangs, I hope my maple trees grow up to be nice a big. I planted them to shade the front of the house and the concrete driveway from the summer heat.

  4. Linda! Here you go! Best and safe travels as you open a new chapter to your book of life.

  5. Sure hope you can post often as you travel...looking forward to following your adventure.

  6. May the gypsy in your soul find a gentle rolling path.......
    Safe travels and look forward to stories :)

  7. Praying traveling mercies and grand adventures for you :)

  8. I'm looking forward to reading about your new adventurers. Have fun.

  9. How come the potters get all the school buses? I can't tell you how many short school buses arrived at shows and discharged potters! Safe journeys.

  10. The excitement begins! Good luck with your closing.

  11. Have fun!

  12. The old church bus looks amazing, and I bet it has had some adventures already! It looks like a very full load, and I am imagining you all riding on top of it!!
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog, they were much appreciated. I know how your cats are part of your life too. Happy travelling! P xx

  13. Wow! You sure know how to pack a bus! I think you should do a special travel blog.

    As I said over on my blog a million thanks for the bread book, sponges, chamois and Fantastic Mr. Fox. I think he is going to move down to my studio, but right now he is among the plants in my sunroom. Most delightful!

  14. Hi Everyone, I am at the library till I get a laptop connected up so limited time, we were worn out packing and ready to drive the bus off a cliff.

    Gary said the bus is very overloaded this time perhaps due to all my pottery and pottery equipment plus we have house generator in there which we didn't sell.

    We did sell the boat unfortunately but less stress and things to move for now.

    Gary did most of the bus packing.

    I had a sore throat for one day and Gary had three asthma attacks but we are back to almost normal today.

    More later.

  15. happy travels-- and just how in the world does one store a bus? do you buy space somewhere? now that is creative.


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