Thursday, July 11, 2013

Table Rock

Legend has it that a giant used this mountain as a table; the legend persists today hence the name of this mountain remains as Table Rock. The mountains is solid granite and stands at 3100 feet in elevation. We took a drive in upstate South Carolina to visit the 3000 acre Table Rock State Park. With more rainstorms expected we had the park nearly to ourselves.

At the overlook I noticed many plants are growing right out of the native rocks.

I glanced down and noticed what looked like a pandorea flower, but I didn't think an Australian native would be here in the wild. It must be a native morning glory or wild potato vine. They are all in the same family. I should have examined the leaves more closely but with the thought of a snake lurking I didn't venture into the thick underbrush.

Picturesque Lake Oolenoy surrounds the visitor center. Bass, bream, and catfish abound in the lake. 

You can fish from the pier or boat, but only canoes, kayaks or boats with trolling motors are allowed on the lake.

The trail to the visitor center was lined with beautyberry, Callicarpa americana. I never would have thought to use this shrub as a hedgerow but it was quite effectively done here.

This is what the flower looks like. To see the berries which are quite striking, click here. The berry photo was taken at my former home in Florida.
The entrance to the visitor center is nearly obscured by these two large redbud trees. The Eastern redbud, Cercis canadencis, is much larger and more tree like than the Western redbud, Cercis occidentalis.

 Redbuds have beautiful heart shaped leaves.

 Here's a sucker with the new growth of the leaves.

 Outside the center there was a bed of purple cone flowers, Echinacea.

Several of the native trees on the grounds were labeled and these flowers are of the sourwood, Oxydendrum.

What a nice visit we had. Even though it was cloudy, it didn't rain till we arrived back at our RV. Thanks for visiting and for all your comments.


  1. What a great tour your are leading for us travels.

  2. I like cone flowers. Another butterfly perch.

  3. Did you know North Carolina has a Table Rock also? It's beautiful also, you should go there.

  4. gosh, you really know the names of plants and are really covering some ground. beautiful pics! glad the rain held off...

  5. Hi Christine, thanks, we are trying to wind down.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, yes the butterflies do like them.

    Hi Lori, thanks, perhaps this is the same rock as it is right on the border of NC and SC.

    Hi Amy, thanks, been a lover of plants since I was a child the rain has been mostly in late afternoon and night which works out perfect.


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