Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mushroom Mimicry

Whenever I see mimicry or camouflage in nature I'm always curious. Yesterday when I walked up to our RV I saw a strange growth on the pine tree next to our rig. I thought perhaps it was the beginning of a burl or a gall.

But on closer examination I saw it was a mushroom. The top of the mushroom looks just like the bark of the pine tree. Photo above shows the underside, very black. Wonder if this is a black truffle? Or maybe black chaga?

I looked at the mushroom today to see if it changed shape or deteriorated, but it's still the same. I'll keep my eye on it and take more photos if it changes. You can see more of my mushroom photos at A Multitude of Mushrooms and Mushroom Bloom. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I think truffels grow underground - where they are discovered by pigs or dogs.
    I agree on the camoflague front though. Some plants and some insects excell in the gentle art.

  2. Probably due to the amount of rain this summer, and using lots of mulch on the new flower beds, we have mushrooms appear and disappear often. Some are cute, some are just ugly blobs. The pictures haven't been too interesting.

  3. The eye of the artist looking closer.

  4. Never seen one like that. And among all the complaints and the changes I've made on my own blog, Gary's blog post appeared back where it belongs this perhaps something worked. And yours did too! Just don't know what worked.

  5. mushrooms are fun to discover and watch grow and change... but I know nothing about types or what is edible.

  6. I don't have a clue as to what kind of mushroom it is. Very interesting variety and I look forward to finding out what kind it is. I went on your Mushroom link and loved all of the pics!


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