Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spotted Pig BBQ

Today we went to the Spotted Pig BBQ on Highway 11 in Fair Play, SC between Westminster and Interstate 85 for a late lunch, early dinner. These concrete pigs greeted us as we drove into the parking lot. They immediately reminded me of the pigs my grandmother used to raise in Hot Springs, Arkansas years ago. I wish my grandmother was still here so I could ask her all the questions I have about my Cherokee heritage. I know so little about my ancestors.

We both had hickory smoked pulled pork. Gary had fried okra and Brunswick stew as sides. I had coleslaw and fries. He had my cornbread muffin along with his own. It was finger licking go-o-o-o-d. Nothing better than hickory smoking.
There was acutally a long and narrow porcelain sink near the door as we left the restaurant to wash our hands after eating. I would love to have one of those sinks in my studio. Perhaps you recall the metal soap dish I've saved for many years hoping to use it in my pottery studio. The dish above is similar to the one I've saved for many years.

As we left I saw a superb banana cream pie in their pie case with meringue piled perfect and higher than I've ever seen. It looked delicious and perfectly crafted at the same time. Nothing better than southern home cooking. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera in the restaurant. Gary said he might get me one of those pies some day. The restaurant is a hop, skip, and a jump from our RV park. Stay tuned for news about our new home coming up real soon. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Spotted a pig, must have barbecue!
    We love our hickory smoked pig, the fight is over the sauce and coleslaw.
    The sauce, vinegar based?
    The coleslaw, red or white.
    Mark likes red, I will eat either one.
    Then we have to talk hushpuppies.

  2. I'm echoing E.C. We're staying tuned, as always.

  3. There isn't anything like GOOD barbecue! Jeff makes a sauce that is a cross between vinegar and tomato based. As for coleslaw, I prefer white but the red will do if that's what is on the menu.
    Pulled pork is always my choice :-)

  4. enjoying your posts and love the previous one about the deer and waiting to see what they were trying to tell you :^)

  5. I've become a fan of some baby back ribs at my favorite b-b-q place...with southern black eyed peas on the side. Looking forward to your next post, we never know what's going to be here next!

  6. You've found a place, how exciting.

    We love trying different local B-B-Q when we are traveling.

  7. I envy you for being able to eat southern foods...nothing better :)

  8. Sorry I'm late dropping by -- it's close to dinner and I'm drooling!

    Congrats on your new home! I'm excited for you!

  9. I know the feeling. I also want to ask more questions about family history to my grandparents, but too late. They sound all yummy! :)

  10. My mouth was watering reading about the pulled pork, it sounds delicious! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time..wish you luck with the new home. :)


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