Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ancient Indian Mound Apparition

In all the years I've been taking photos across the land in America, only twice have I seen an apparition, an anomaly if you will, I could not explain. Once in Death Valley an apparition showed itself emanating from an old gold mine. I photographed the mine opening and discovered the apparition only after I developed the film. I have photos of the apparition but will discuss those in a future post.

Driving along today I took a photograph of an ancient Indian Mound near Helen Ga. Much to my surprise and delight, the hazy vertical post in the right front foreground mysteriously appeared. The translucent ghostly vision defied my description; I am still in awe. The fact the post is translucent further enhances the mystical qualities I feel about the location. The mound is close to the Indian Mound in Helen, GA. The early morning was filled with a fog and mist flowing lightly across the valley.

Today I felt my ancestors stronger than I've ever felt them. I believe the apparition is a view of an ancient Indian totem marking a location which reveres ancestors of native American tribes who inhabited the area so many years ago. What do you think?  Have you had mysterious apparitions in your photographs or travel vistas you cannot explain? What do think of them? Can you explain them? Do you question them?  Do you want to to? Thanks for reading and for all  your comments. P. S. other than reducing the digital photo in size I have not enhanced or altered the photo in any way.


  1. That is so strange... So far, I've never had one of those appear in any of my photos. I would question/wonder/research...hmmmmm! Linda, I find this very interesting.

  2. How amazing. I have never seen an apparition, but have a (very) open mind about such things. And despite not having 'seen' anything some places have a decided feeling about them. An inexplicable feeling. Strong emotions from the past? Perhaps. I don't know.

  3. my first thought, too, a totem pole ... when our thought is open ... wonderful things can happen ... your adventure in finding a new place to be sounds very fun ...

  4. We don't know so we accept what we can't explain.

  5. I've driven by that very spot many, many times and have not noticed any apparition but I do get a strange feeling when I'm there. It is a sense of connection to the past peoples who inhabited that area for sure.

    While you're in Georgia you should take a trip over to the Etowa Indian Mounds.


    It's not really close to where you are now but you may find it's worth the trip.

  6. Are you sure you didn't take the photo through the car's window glass? And yes, I'm a sceptic about all things 'mystical'.

  7. Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I still am wondering how the camera can catch something but my eye didn't see it.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, apparition was the only word I could think of.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, perhaps it was a fog phenomena I don't know.

    Hi Lori, thanks, the mound all by itself in the field is indeed strange supposedly the grave commemorating two young Indian lovers. I hope to get to those mounds as well.

    Hi Cromagnon, thanks, the photo was taken with the window rolled down but I suppose the fog could have played an optical illusion but the hills in the distance and low clouds can be seen through what looks like a post. If you could see the photo I took of the gold mine on a perfectly clear day and later had it developed and saw a fog coming out of the top of the mine totally inexplicable. I think you might not be skeptical of that one. Even if an illusion a pleasant one to think about.

  8. That is curious, especially (to me) because it looks very geometric , chimney like. It is amazing what we can sense in areas that were sacred or very meaningful to our ancestors. I'd love to see the other image-I haven't had that happen, YET!!

  9. Hi Jennie, thanks, the photo of the gold mine ghost, as I call it, is a photo packed in storage, and I am sure I have the negative, but I have thousands of negatives from the 80s and 90s in our travels of ghost towns in the Southwest USA. Hopefully I will find it when we get settled and post about it. It was a clear day and to this day we just know it was a ghostly apparition.

  10. I have no doubt about that. So cool that you captured it, which I think speaks volumes about you.

    I hope you find the home of your dreams soon. Perhaps you will be a kind of NC neighbor! But you can always come visit Seagrove and have a place to stay with us.


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