Monday, December 2, 2013

Bison Burgers for Thanksgiving

We planned to go to a local buffet for a traditional turkey dinner for thanksgiving. I haven't eaten beef  for more than 20 years but I saw ground bison meat at the grocery store recently and bought several packages.. The package said the meat came from North Carolina and the meat contains no hormones or antibiotics. Bison meat is much leaner than beef and the texture is more dense. I decided we'd have a non traditional thanksgiving dinner right in our motorhome rather than going to eat.

I sauteed a little minced garlic in butter and formed the bison meat into patties and placed them in the pan. Amazingly the formed patties stayed together without the addition of any egg or liquid and thickener.

After the patties were cooked on one side I turned them over and poured some mild steak marinade over them and placed a small pat of white cheddar on top. I covered the pan and cooked the bison burgers through. They were delicious but I thought they might be even better on a grill. I can't wait to have an outdoor BBQ again. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Yum sounding. I've tried lots of foods, including gator, grasshoppers and ants, but never somehow a bison. Glad it worked in patties. Fingers crossed that you get the house of your choice.

  2. They do look mighty fine.
    And here's to a back yard BBQ real soon.

  3. Fingers crossed for that BBQ. Soon.

  4. We used to have someone that raised bison in the next town. They'd have a sale on the meat for a weekend each year. by the time I found out about it, it was the last sale and they no longer raise them. I was so disappointed. When I lived in Colorado, I ate bison often.

  5. Almost everything tastes better on the grill. You'll have yours back soon.

  6. they do look yummy and yes, meat on the grill is the tastiest.


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