Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Poached Mahi and DIY Projects

You can't go wrong poaching fish, at least I haven't found a way. I unpacked my ceramic fish poacher (click link for a more detailed description about the poacher and how I use it; you can also poach fish with various other methods and containers on the stove top). and decided to try it in my new home. I thawed a thick piece of mahi I purchased from Ingles grocery in the frozen section. Leaving the skin on (helps hold the fish together when cooked) I cut the fish in serving sized pieces and placed them in the poacher. I cut up mushrooms, fresh ginger, 1/8 red onion and yellow and orange bell pepper into small pieces and sprinkled over the top of the fish.

I added one cup of white wine, one quarter cup of white balsamic vinegar, and drizzled some honey and spicy red pepper sauce over the top. I covered the poacher and placed in a cold oven set to 400 F. I baked the fish for half an hour. Meanwhile I cooked the rice. Serve immediately and drizzle the vegetables mixture over the top of the fish and on the rice if you like. I have a goal to  make some dishes I can present my recipes here. I never seem to keep any of my own pottery to use; I need to change that.

In other news, we sold the motor home yesterday. Gary is in Florida with three people interested in our bus, keep your fingers crossed for the bus to find a new home. The other day we found a used furniture store and picked up a few items for a our new home.

Perusing Pinterest, (you can follow me there) I found some ideas for a few do-it-yourself furniture projects. Like up-cycling an old door for a headboard and using pallet wood for furniture. Things are falling into place slowly but surely. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

UPDATE:  The bus just sold, yippee, we are so lucky this week !!!


  1. That fish recipe sounds absolutely delicious. I'll try poaching someday. Congrats on the sale of your motor home and good luck on the sale of your bus. Good to see that you are happy and well.

  2. You guys have the BEST luck selling things quickly! Next time I need to get rid of something I should hire you two as the brokers :-)

  3. Hi Gigi, thanks, it's feast or famine over here. Ha.

    Hi Michele, thanks, lots of photos, good descriptions, very clean and good advertising, sells every time, oh and priced right and Gary happens to be a good sales person too, a good listener and good with people.

  4. My brother made several benches with backs and storage from old bedsteads. Great raw material.

  5. Yummy sounding fish. I love the poacher too. Congrats on the sales of your mobile life, now you are putting down roots again!

  6. Things are going very well for you!
    That is,great!!

  7. When I saw the blog title I thought you were advocating stealing fish. What a relief to find I was wrong.

  8. Congratulations on selling the bus and the RV.

    Your fish sounds delicious, it's not just the poaching, it's the stuff you make to add depth to the flavors.

  9. Good news to hear about you selling your RV and Bus. LOL I thought poaching may be stealing fish also... but then I thought Naw...not Linda. My Frank will love this recipe...he is the cook and will know how to poach :)

  10. Hi Joanne, thanks, the ultimate in recycling, there's lots to be made from old stuff.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, the poacher I had for 20 years before I used it, now I use it all the time, makes any fish taste delicious.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, oh we can't believe our luck.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, maybe the spelling of that kind of poaching is different?

    Hi Lori, thanks, you are correct the more ingredients that combine the better it tastes. Our relatives from New Hampshire couldn't believe what I added would taste good till they tasted it and then they were amazed.

    Hi Dee, thanks, it is amazing how delicious this makes the fish all the ingredients seem to permeate the fish.


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