Friday, March 7, 2014

Two Right Shoes

What's wrong with this picture? This morning I was unpacking and putting things in the closet and something didn't look quite right with these shoes. I usually only try on one shoe and sometimes I don't try these on at all since I've been getting the same shoe for years. Oh my! I have two right shoes. Of course I don't have the receipt or the box. Oh I remember now I gave the shoe box to Gary to use to put the back splash tile pieces he removed.

The black shoes aren't very flattering but are the only ones I've found which come in a 6.5 wide width and have arch support to help keep my plantar fasciitis at bay. Wally world actually carries these Dr. Scholl's shoes. They only have my size sporadically, so when I see a pair I pick them up to have on hand when my other ones wear out. I noticed recently the quality of these is not as good as previous ones I've purchased. The new ones don't seem to have the arch support. the moral of this story is I better check more closely when I purchase something. I'll try taking them back and see what they say.

I've been doing more thinking about clay than doing. I like illustrating the animals I've seen like this armadillo platter or the birds I've seen like this dancing ravens bowl.  Then there's always leaves and flowers. I haven't been able to find my basic pottery tools like a needle tool and fettling knife in all the boxes. I decided to order an extra set so I can get to some serious work. Hopefully they'll arrive before my class next week. I'm also missing my large rolling pin, I hope it turns up soon. I have a small rolling pin but I really like the large one. What about you, do you have a favorite tool you feel you just can't do without? Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. My favorite tools are my Dolan's for trimming and carving... couldn't live without them.

    I have plantar fascitis too. I am having good look with Dansko shoes/clogs. Sierra Trading Post often has good deals on them. I switch throughout the week between the clogs and running shoes. I had one foot that had been really bothering me for more than a year. When I hurt my shoulder last fall and was off my feet for a week and taking tons of naproxin my foot is 99.9% better! So now I am sticking to good shoes to avoid a relapse.

  2. Wish I could help but I've got two left feet.

  3. Yes, I have one trimming tool that I simply love... and am forever thinking that I've lost it, but it usually turns up.

    As for the shoes, that's really funny (tho not so for you). I too wear one type of shoe - a Nikki white tennis shoe style that I just keep ordering. I guess I will remember to check the box more carefully now.

  4. Hi Michele, thanks, I may have to see if your type of shoes fits me I am getting rather bored with these.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, I was thinking two left feet the whole time I was typing. Ha.

    Hi Rian, thanks, I just know the tools will turn up when I've gotten the new ones. Funny how we develop these habits of what we wear.

  5. Good luck taking the shoes back. And, when we had our kitchen renovated, my big marble rolling pin disappeared. It has to be here somewhere. But where? And that was a few years ago too... I hope your tools surface much more quickly than that.

  6. oh the joys of unpacking and finding things again, hope those tools surface soon. Love your armadillo platter.

  7. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, oh too funny but not about your marble rolling pin, I hate it when something so cherished is lost to the winds it seems.

    Hi Anna, thanks, I must make more of these platters they are so much fun to bring alive with colors and sgraffito.


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