Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cherry Blossoms

The cherry tree is still in bloom and won't quit showing off it's beauty. See the previous post for the tree which is inspiring me this week. I've run out of white clay but decided to make a few more pieces with colored slip decorated cherry blossoms on Highwater Clay speckled brownstone. The clay looks red now but will fire to a speckled tan color. I've shaped the piece above into a symmetrical bowl form.

The asymmetrical cherry tree bowl I made the other day developed a couple of cracks along the rim so I've patched them with some vinegar slip, we shall see. The good news is I like the asymmetrical way the tree wraps around the bowl and the contrast of the flowers, trunk and bark against the white clay.

The cabinets were delivered yesterday for my studio. They forgot to make one lower drawer base cabinet and forgot to deliver the countertop. The countertop will be delivered today but the missing lower drawer base cabinet is on order. Luckily it's a base cabinet so we can just set the countertop and wait for that cabinet and then slide the lower cabinet in later when it comes in. This weekend a friend we met in South Carolina will come and help us install the cabinets. That means moving everything out to get them in and then moving everything back in.

Yesterday Barney and Butter enjoyed the warm afternoon on the deck. Barney likes to sit up on the rail which is one and half stories up. I think Butter might have lost his footing and fallen from this level when he was hurt. He's doing much better now but is taking things very slowly. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:

    Your cherry tree shaped to the contours of the dish is most attractive and very pleasing to look at. Also, of course, it ensures a constant presence of spring.

    Barney and Butter look adorable!

  2. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, oh you are so right, a constant presence of Spring indeed. Barney and Butter have a cats life of leisure.

  3. So heaven, pottery again! Glad to see all!

  4. I love the bowl. I hope the repairs work, it's too beautiful to loose.

  5. What a great perch for kitties... as long as they don't slip!
    I hope your bowl survives, it's a beauty.

  6. loving the bowl.....and the kitty's :)

  7. Hi Barbara, thanks, yes cats and pottery. ha.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I've had to go back several times to add more slip, it may be a loosing battle.

    Hi Michele, thanks, if it doesn't survive I'll make another one as I like the asymmetrical placement in the bowl.

    Hi Dee, thanks, hope it survives, we shall see, the cats are happy critters with the warm weather.

  8. Hi Linda, I've just been looking at the plans for your new studio. How wonderful that you can make a fresh start creatively in a new space. Wish you every success with your ceramics. The cherry tree works very nicely within the bowl and platter shapes, I hope it turns out well if you glaze fire it.

  9. Hi Mark, thanks, we will be putting up the cabinets this weekend, have to determine how to install into concrete block walls which are in the basement, some kind of tarpan bolts or some such. I'll make another bowl if that one stays cracked. I never have much luck fixing the cracks.


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