Sunday, September 28, 2014

A White Sort of Castle

A White Sort of Castle

The three of us sat cross legged on the carpet
Looking, and looking again at photos from long ago
Happily we discovered  among the group
A white sort of castle with a fine and simple style.

We speculated who might know of it or live there
Curious, perhaps a little known relation or someone revered
Wondering, of a life and time we knew little about
A life we longed to know, surely wonderful to learn of.

Had one of our own lived in a white sort of castle
Was it a home for travelers, kin, or kings.
Was it still standing in it's glory in the homeland
Could we visit a white sort of castle on a trip someday.

Later one of the three gone to their faraway home
Looking, and looking again at photos from long ago
The white sort of castle was gone, disappeared
Sad to discover a white sort of castle stolen away.

Linda Starr 2013


  1. Hi Barb, thanks, sometimes I guess.

  2. Beautiful. Though castle living is not for me. I prefer the smaller things - with growth all around. Literally and metaphorically.

  3. Hi Sue, thanks, oh yes there must be plants all around the house and a castle wouldn't be good as it would too large to keep clean. Ha.

  4. Lovely your poems just come into your thoughts out of no where? I have always been intrigued by poetry.


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