Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Spicy Black Eyed Peas

This week at the farmer's market I bought some fresh black eyed peas. I decided to make spicy black eyed peas yesterday. I served the peas with some focaccia bread. Normally I'd have made corn bread but I didn't have the necessary ingredients.

This is what fresh black eyed peas look like after they're shelled. The black eyed pea is a legume and it fixes nitrogen in the soil. The pea is full of nutrition with calcium, folate, vitamin A, protein and fiber and only 200 calories for 1 cup. The peas are drought tolerant and the blossoms a filled with nectar.

 Here's a couple of poblano peppers I also found at the farmer's market.

I blistered the skins under the broiler, then rinsed them under cold water and peeled the skins.

I chopped up a quarter red onion, and the peeled poblano peppers and chopped them.

I cooked four slices of uncured bacon till it was cooked but still soft. I drained the bacon and broke the bacon slices in small pieces. I sauteed the onion in the bacon drippings.

I chopped up two fresh tomatoes and added  those to the black eyed peas along with the sauteed onion and the poblano peppers. I added one cup of water and some dried chipotle pepper and bay leaf. The black eyed peas took about 45 minutes to soften.

I leave you with Ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry. The lyrics mention black eyed peas. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Boy those look good! I'll have to check our market to see if anyone has some. Love your postings of your recipes! Helps me decide on dinner!

  2. Hi Pam, thanks, these are so good and they are really filling, a meal all in one for sure. You could probably use frozen or dried but I think fresh is better. I know they have them canned but the canned are mushy, I've used them before a long time ago.

  3. I love black eyed peas, and have only had them plain. Imagine the possibilities.

  4. Hi Barb, thanks, oh they were good.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, you can make them into a salad too. I know there must be more recipes too.

  5. We typically only eat them on New Years Day. I am not a big fan of them unless Jeff turns them into more of soup or stew. We buy dried peas, never had fresh... I am sure they are much better fresh.

  6. Hi Michele, thanks, oh they are good but then again I like black eyed peas. I have never had them dried. I have seen them fresh in the grocery store around new years in packages and they were fresh, not sure where they are grown that time of year, perhaps south america or mexico or some such. They probably taste better doctored up like I make them, lol.

  7. Your recipe sounds so good I wish I actually like black eyed peas.

  8. Black eyed peas use to be one of my favorite foods growing up..have not had them in Frank would like them spiced up....I like plain. I appreciate your explain them clearly. You can tell I do not cook much. :)

  9. Hi Lori, thanks, you just might like these cooked this way.

    Hi Sue, Thanks, you should at least try them, of course you could always substitute other beans or peas.

    Hi Dee, thanks, I think variety is the spice of life so I like adding all kinds of ingredients to me recipes, plus I think herbs and spices and peppers have vital nutrients and vitamins we might get otherwise if we didn't eat them.

  10. Love fresh blackeyes and these look fab! Thanks for the great recipe, cher!

  11. Hi Marguerite, thanks, they were delicious, we had them the next day too. ha.


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