Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Completed Patio and Ornament Tree

We now have a couple of projects under our belt, well almost. Still have a bit of cleanup to do along the edges of the patio but here it is finished.

Gary finished the patio while I was working at ArtWorks on Monday. He didn't remember I wanted to add some pottery shards to the mortar so it will have to be as it is. I plan to make a totem as an accent near the door.

Here's my diy ornament tree. The cost was really under ten dollars since I had the base plywood. (Plywood from my lavender farm sign in California). For the holes drilled for the dowels we used a 27/64 drill bit and honed it out just a little and then hammered in the dowels with a rubber mallet which makes the dowels fit snugly. The half inch drill bit recommended by the site is really too large.

I also made the base 16 inches instead of 8 inches. We added additional supports around the base to make it more secure; that way we could add additional screws from the topside down rather than rely on one screw holding the base to the center. I still have to paint the tree but wanted to let you know about the drill bit and base sizes in case you decide to make the tree. I'll also use a cloth around the base to spruce it up. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. The stone work is lovely! What a nice change.

  2. I think the patio and the tree look great.

  3. Patio is beautiful! Want to come do mine! HA! I like your tree as well. What color are you going to paint/stain it?

  4. Hi Joanne, thanks, it turned our really nice and the stone has a bit of roughness to it so if it's icy it will be better to walk on.

    Hi Lori, thanks, now maybe I can get to glazing.

    Hi Pam, thanks, I think I am going to paint it a brown color so I can use it any time of year and it goes with my flip up shelves for my pottery booth.

  5. Love the patio - and am looking forward to seeing the ornament tree 'fully loaded'.

  6. Hi Sue, thanks, I just painted the ornament tree, so stay tuned.

  7. Your husband did a nice job...the patio is lovely and I look forward to seeing your ornament tree.
    Tis the season...:)

  8. that ornament tree looks very useful and could be used for jewellery too. Looking forward to seeing your totem.

  9. Hi Dee, thanks, yes the patio is getting better every day as he is continuing to wash it to remove the excess sand and mortar.

    Hi Anna, thanks, you know I was just thinking I can make a similar tree with only dowels facing in one direction for a hanging pendant display, glad you mentioned this because it got me thinking about the pendants.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, we're thinking we make make a small entrance step to our stairs with stone instead of the square concrete steps we have there now.


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