Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ornament Display Tree

Here's the ornament display tree I built yesterday. The ornaments really shine on the display and when they hit each other they clink like a wind chime. I painted the display a cedar brown color so I can use it year round. I need to apply a second coat of paint. The 2 x 2 could have been sanded for a more finished effect. This tree can hold lots of ornaments; I need to make more to fill up the tree. Even with the weight of the ornaments the tree is very sturdy.

Around the base I've placed some burlap fabric I had on hand. At the base I've placed some heart, star, and a teddy bear pendants strung on leather cord. Placing pendants under the tree allows for a double display. I think I'll sew a skirt to place under the tree with velcro to hold the seam together on one side. Thanks for reading and for all  your comments.


  1. Very nice, and just in time.

  2. Lovely ideas.

  3. Looks good, I think a tree skirt would make it perfect.

  4. Your ornament tree looks great with them hanging on it. These are going to be good sellers for you, I'm sure.

  5. Good design...and the light colored burlap does set off the clay when you make the skirt, be sure it's not detracting!

  6. LOVE it. And suspect that you could have a sideline in building ornament trees...

  7. Hi Joanne, thanks, for once I'm ahead of the game. Ha.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, it's amazing the ideas one can find on the internet.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I'll have to look around for my sewing machine and dust it off.

    Hi Pam, thanks, it was so easy to make too.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I sell them all year round but having them on a tree will really catch people's eye.

    Hi Barb, thanks, good advice I may just stick with the burlap fabric, it's nice and neutral.

    Hi Sue, thanks, I have enough two by two to make more but not sure I would want to make these trees for others too boring for me. Ha.

  8. Hi Linda! This post makes me feel Christmasy!!! :)

  9. Very nice way to display your ornaments. It really looks charming and eye-catching!

  10. Hi Keith, thanks, tis the season. Ha.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, I am so glad I googled for this as it was so lucky to find and easy to build.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I laughed when you posted about your gingerbread men.


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