Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small Bits of Clay & Barney's Not Well

Here are a few items I've made with small bits of clay. There are a couple of business card holders and small vases.

When I make platters or bowls the small bits of clay that are cut off are saved under plastic. Later I make the small pieces with those scraps.

Barney was gone all day yesterday since about 4 am when I let him out. Shortly thereafter we heard a big cat fight outside. The neighbor and I were worried about him all day long with visions of a bobcat getting him. Late yesterday afternoon I called and called for Barney and finally he showed up just before dark. He drank and drank water. Then I let him in the house and he drank some more water and has been lying down ever since. That's about all he's been doing since then.

He didn't touch a bit of his food and he's usually a chow hound. Not even the wet cat food I just gave him tempted him. He's been acting like he's going to throw up, occasionally coughing a bit. But he hasn't thrown up anything. He was doing that before I let him out yesterday though. I hope it's just a cold. He does wag his tail when I pet him. He didn't even want to go out. I'll see how he is today. Unfortunately he's not one to let me examine him thoroughly. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. oh poor cat, hope Barney is soon well again.

  2. Poor Barney! I'd get him to a vet if he isn't eating by Monday. I assume he's still drinking.
    Neat holders!

  3. Hi Anna, thanks, I hope so too.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, yes we'll take him by then, he is still drinking water and one of his eyes is running. It's just not like him not to eat and I opened the door this morning so he could go out and he didn't want to. So I'll let him stay in. is there such a thing as cat flu I wonder, I'll look it up.

  4. Not good cat behavior. Their wounds close over so quickly and abscess so rapidly they make bad patients. We just went through a spell with Purrrl.

  5. You sure have a hang of doing the slab work...thanks for showing what can be done with little pieces. Sending healing energies to Barney. I'm missing my furry friends since I'm visiting relatives in FL. Tomorrow I'll be back home though.

  6. Hi Joanne, thanks, I think he has a cold or the flue.

    Hi Barb, thanks, you are lucky to be in that warm climate.

  7. I hope Barney recovers quickly - and am glad that he is still drinking.
    Love the use you made of those 'small bits' of clay.

  8. Hi Sue, thanks, he is drinking and he ate about two bites of dry food but no wet food. He's been sleeping all day and just went out for a short while, I hope he doesn't have cat flu which I looked up and creates ulcers in the mouth and can become chronic.


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