Saturday, December 27, 2014

Three Platters and a Plate

All three platters from the latest firing turned out great.I brushed two coats of satin clear glaze over each of these platter but in opposite directions and I think that works well to make the brush strokes less visible. Behind the finches is a thin coat of white slip reminiscent of cirrus clouds..

The Canada geese platter is a little darker than I wanted and the eyes are less defined but still the features are recognizable.

The rabbit in the tall grass looks better in person than he does in the photo. It's always a real trick to get a clear glaze the right thinness to cover the platter but not fire milky. This time it all came together. Making platters and plates a little thicker and firing them on a bed of silica sand in the bisque and glaze firing really helps prevent them from warping.

Here's a square dinner plate I glazed in a matt lavender. There are few speckles of blue which may not be visible in this photo. A plain plate perfect for staging some of my recipes upon. Stay tuned for the extra large bowl. Oh and I fired one button. Thanks for reading and for all  your comments.


  1. You are busy right through the holidays, and it looks like you are enjoying it too! It is tricky putting on a clear glaze so that it is "just right" and not milky looking. I am always amazed at how thin the glaze has to be when I glaze earthenware. Lovely to see all your new work and creativity.
    Happy Holidays and New Year xxx

  2. Hi Peter, thanks, so good to hear from you. It's taken me so long to figure so little out with clay it seems but it keeps me out of trouble working. I was supposed to have all this work done before but storms prevented me. Happy Holidays to you as well

  3. I think thicker slabs work better and look better. Glad these are working out.I remember Judi Tavil writing about clears a couple of years ago. She said that slow cooling lets crystals form and gives the cloudiness in clear glazes. Quicker cool solved her problems.

    1. also Dennis I am using a satin clear glaze, I wonder if Judi was using a shiny ? perhaps shiny gets more crystals, for the other glazes that's why I use the slow cool to get the crystals,

  4. Hi Dennis, thanks, yes I think the thicker ones are nicer as well. You know I use a slow cool firing schedule but so far so good, but I am firing between 5 and 6. I brush on the glaze which doesn't give as thick an application as dipping. It's amazing how each change can affect the outcome. I also lowered my bisque from 04 to 05 as this kiln fires hotter than the one I had in Florida.

  5. I smiled, recognizing the familiar birds and beasts going by.

  6. Hi Joanne, thanks, I am so happy these all turned out

  7. Brilliant. You must be so pleased, and should be so proud.

  8. Hi Sue, thanks, I am so happy all of this load turned out, you wouldn't believe how much work I have on the counters that cracked or the glaze didn't work or etc. I hate to smash it but then again there is no other use for those failures either, except perhaps a mosaic but that would divert my energies elsewhere. After the new year i will have a lot of smashing to do and beginning again.


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