Friday, June 5, 2015

Studio Projects

This past winter I showed you our back porch, the solarium. It really is a solarium since it provides passive solar heat in winter. The solarium was a huge mess; we're finally getting a handle on the disarray. At the end (rear) we installed this 1950s era fan we kept from Arkansas. It has sliders on the side to fit various sized windows. There is also a thermostat and a reversible motor. The reversible motor means it can blow air in or suck hot air out. A handy thing to have when firing the kiln in summer or winter.

Here's a long distance view of the solarium. The pine fruit boxes I bought at Michael's. They're very study and I plan to stain them today. I'll be using these boxes for height in my pottery booth at the farmer's market.

 Since we have a few windows open I keep my slab roller covered with a sheet to minimize the dust.

 I keep my new kiln covered for the same reason.

Here is the used shimpo wheel I got at Penland when I was in living in the motorhome. It's covered with a BBQ cover. Who buys a pottery wheel when they're living in an RV and hauls it around in the back of their car? That would be me, the same person who made pottery in a motorhome several years before while traveling across the country from California to Florida. One of the bat pins was frozen so we're looking for two more and expect to start using this wheel real soon. Thanks for reading and for all  your comments.


  1. I remember when you were traveling in the motor home, that’s when I started following your blog. Good times.

  2. Hi Lori, thanks, ha, seems so long ago.

  3. Who buys a pottery wheel when they are travelling? Someone who is seriously, permanently commited to the art...

  4. Hi Sue, thanks, I guess you are right. Ha.

  5. My parents had a fan like that when I was kid, it was super powerful. I have those same crates from Michael's. I bought them years ago for my first show. I think I even got them for half price. I still used them for piggy bank display.

  6. Those pine fruit boxes could be used in so many ways...a good purchase, I reckon! :)


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