Thursday, October 22, 2015

Andre Segovia and Assets and Options

With property taxes looming on the horizon not to mention all the other bills, I'm thinking of robbing Peter to pay Paul. I might sell my slab roller and my raku kiln. I can roll slabs by hand much better than I can on the slab roller and I have yet to use the raku kiln.

Half thinking of going down to one car. Two car payments and car insurance is a killer. We got my used low mileage car when we left Florida so we'd have one dependable car but still have two years to pay on it. It still has low miles and is very dependable. We used to get older cars and could work on them ourselves. I remember when we bought old cars for less than $1000. Car insurance and repairs on old cars is less costly too. They don't have all the electronics and parts are much cheaper.

Our two years are just about up for the Dish subscription and we plan to cancel. I have some cocktail rings I can sell which I haven't worn since the 70s. Never have been much of a jewelry person. But where can I safely sell them. Don't dare do so on craigslist. Guess I'm supposed to sign up for supplemental Medicare before I get fined for not doing so; maybe there is a free one. Ha.

I got a letter from the tax man saying I need to file the form for the Affordable Healthcare Act. OK, I got a minuscule refund on my taxes from them and they sent the letter to this address. Which means they got my tax forms and knowing this address also proves it. The letter does say to ignore it if you sent in the form. Talk about scaring people for no reason, I guess the government's files aren't in very good order. Oh brother. Food and utilities continue to increase and income remains the same. There will be no social security increase next year. Oh, but Medicare will go up. Just thinking of a lack of money and all the bills wears me out. No wonder my neck hurts. At least we have options but I worry about what we'll do when we run out of assets and options.

Meanwhile Gary wants to take guitar lessons but he needs a guitar. He can take lessons for $25 at the same place I go for painting lessons. There are lots of used guitars on craigslist or perhaps a pawn shop will have one. There's also a used music store in town. I know nothing about guitars other than I love acoustic and classical guitar. I once attended a concert of Andre Segovia in San Francisco in the late 70s or early 80s. Segovia is regarded as the greatest classical guitarist of all time. I think those were the days of wine and roses. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I get mine through AARP; don't know if you have to be a member to get in. Mine costs me nothing, although I do have co-payments. Even with my various (admittedly low key) ailments I have not come close to paying out what my original plan cost. My prescription plan is included. With my first plan it was a separate payment.
    There are many good plans out there. Pharmacies often can give you lots of information and walk you through the maze of plans.
    One caution: All states have different requirements and plane availability.
    You are so fortunate to have seen Segovia perform in concert. I never had that pleasure.

  2. Hi Suzi, thanks, I'll have to check AARP out, although they have gotten so big I think they are now in the business to make themselves money and lobby the politicians too. Luckily I don't need any medications and muddle through on my own with my aches and pains.

    I remember Segovia walked out on the state and didn't start playing till the audience was completely silent for some time. You could hear a pin drop. His playing was mesmerizing.

  3. I saw Segovia when I was in H.S. Amazing. Guitars are pretty personal. Some choices depend in the style he wants to learn If the class teaches classical he wants a nylon string guitar. Steel strings for most everything else. I find an OM or OO size easier to play than a big dreadnought Flat pickers like a 1 11/16 nut, fingerpickers usually prefer it a little wider 1 3/4 of even 1 7/8. It is very important that the guitar be "set up" properly.String height should be about 1/8 of an inch at fret #12, much higher and it will be difficult to play. If the white 'Saddle" on the bridge is cut down until it is nearly flush with the wood don't buy it. It's heading for a costly repair.

  4. Hi Dennis, thanks, ok I will have Gary read your response because I am lost but I should have known you'd know all about the. Gary played trumpet in high school and later had his own band and did gigs in the SF Bay area till the smoke filled bars became too much of a deterrent. Not sure what the class teaches but Gary said today he'd like an electric base guitar but not sure the class would want to each on an electric guitar, probably more learning picking and the chords and such. Ok will have Gary read this, and I'll let him pick out the geeetarre

    1. Bass is a whole different animal. Gary knows that already.

    2. Hi Dennis, thanks, I showed Gary one of yoru videos of you playing and he started saying, how do they learn how to do that with their hands, - as you were playing the cords, that's what he'll be learning - right ? I guess he was feeling a little intimidated seeing that - but he can run a motor grader without looking at the controls so I am assuming you just get a feel for it, like running a tractor with lots of controls. we shall see. nothing ventured, nothing gained

  5. Sometimes life gets overwhelming doesn't it? Good luck.

  6. Hi Sue, thanks, more often than not nowadays. ugh

  7. Musical that's something new. Gary can do busking while you sell your wares! :)

  8. Hi Lee, thanks, I had to look up what the word busking meant, lol, love learning new words.


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