Thursday, June 30, 2016

Better Bean Recipe Than Last Year

Last year, or was it the year before, at my local farmer's market I was introduced to white half runner beans. They take some work to prepare because I have to string them. Stringing involves sitting at the table and snapping the ends off and snapping them in half and pulling the pithy string from the bean. BUT and I emphasize BUT they are the most flavorful beans I have ever had.

I usually cook them with onion, garlic, fresh tomatoes and white balsamic vinegar, but this year I added in dark balsamic vinegar and a dash of sugar and they tasted even better. Above you see the cooked beans; I think I should steam the beans separately and add them later so they retain their bright green color. We shall see what I come up with on my next bean adventure. Who knew bean creations could be so challenging. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Yum.
    And I am happy to choose taste over convenience.

  2. That looks really good. Fresh green beans are our go-to veggie when we aren't sure what to have.

  3. Linda, I think "blanching" the beans first would retain the color, but they look delicious!

  4. Using the dark balsamic would've really heightened the flavour. I love it!


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