Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Glazing Mistake

Imagine my chagrin when I opened the kiln and discovered a glazing mistake. Pieces I expected to be shiny burgundy blue were matt and speckled. At first I didn't know what I'd done, then I realized I used the wrong base glaze. Both bases are a red color but of course they fire completely different.

Of course the good news is the coffee cups and pitcher all turned out wonderfully. This cup is perfect for someone who really likes a big cup. Perhaps a generous latte cup.

I like the form of the cups but plan to work on the size and shape of the handles. I like the thicker handles; I think the handle on the first cup is too thin.

Here is the color the cups and pitcher were supposed to be. And I have four other pieces with the same outcome including some of the large driftwood handled pieces. Back to the studio to make up for some lost time. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Looks nice. I like thick handles on my mugs too.

  2. Hi Gigi, thanks, they are easier to get a good grip.

  3. I like the thinner handles on the whole. But the cup has to 'feel' right.
    Have fun in the studio.

  4. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, the thicker handle feels better, perhaps it's because the thinner handle is a bit too far from the cup, too much air space. something to work on

  5. Only you know that the colour isn't what you meant it to be...just say nothing! :)

  6. Hi Lee, thanks, good advice. Ha.


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