Saturday, February 11, 2017

Studio Tours

Spring is a perfect time to host tours of your pottery studio. I know it isn't Spring yet but it doesn't hurt to get organized in advance of the Spring rush.

Recently I was contacted by several groups planning to visit this area wanting to tour my studio. Even a Mini Cooper Car Club plans to visit.

I've been busy cleaning up my studio after the holiday rush and rearranging the solarium to accommodate larger groups.

When groups visit I usually give a mini tour of my studio. I always like to have several pieces on display showing various stages of work:  green, bisque, and glazed.

In the room adjacent the studio I have my pottery showroom with work for sale. Work packed for shows sometimes needs too be unpacked to fill shelves.  I serve light refreshments for groups scheduling visits. What type of refreshments do you use for your studio tours? Do you have any recommendations or hints of what to expect. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

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