Monday, November 13, 2017

Royal Reds

 royal reds, a local specialty shrimp
with a flavor supposedly like lobster
don't overcook them

they were delicious but a novelty
we had artichoke with them
the taste didn't warrant the higher price in my opinion
thanks for reading and for all your comments.


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    1. Yum, they look so good. Those in your first photo look like the Prawns I used to have years ago.

    2. Sorry about the deleted comment. I had an Auto correct problem and didn’t check before I hit the publish button.

    3. Hi Denise, thanks, no problem, I was a bit squeamish about removing the heads but got over it quickly. I once went to a fish market in Florida and asked for prawns and they didn't know what they were and they were fishermen and women. We are enjoying all the local seafood here.

    4. Sometimes the taste isn't worth the price, and sometimes we get seafood that is awesome. I have salmon that is Atlantic fresh caught by Chile, and it's fine at a lower price than that which the fresh seafood guy sells each Saturday morning!

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks, the fish markets off the beaten path here have very inexpcnsive fish, we are going to see if we can get a bunch to take back home, have to shell out the money now but the savings is worth it.

  3. I adore prawns/shrimps!! I like them best just with vinegar sprinkled over them....yum! :)

  4. Hi Lee, thanks, I have not had them with vinegar; I must try that.


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