Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Fresh from the Kiln

 large blue bowl
 medium aqua bowl
 medium red bowl (it's shiny but appears matt in this photo)
 couple of sponge holders
 butter dishes
 more leaves
It's a white rabbit day so in that honor here is a blue bunny.
He's sure to bring luck isn't he?
Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hi Suzi, thanks, hope I get some good luck I could sure use it.

  2. Great kiln load. Your photos would show truer colors if you changed the setting on your camera to "indoor lighting" I think...or maybe used a different source of light that wouldn't make them yellower than actual colors. OR you could shoot the items out in natural reflected light - try it and see the difference! Just a suggestion.

  3. Hi Barbara, thanks, I need to re-learn how to use this camera as the other one broke and I was in a hurry as I am tied up with other matters, thanks though.

  4. Goodness you have been productive.

  5. Hi Sue, thanks, things were piling up, now off to the market.

  6. Wow! You have been busy! I like the blue bunny. BTW, happy white rabbit!! Have you noticed that in pottery, people almost always seem to like "blue"?

  7. Hi Rian, thanks, yes they do like blue, and often potter's joke about the blue being so popular but what the heck, if they like blue, give them blue.

  8. I like your red bowl and your butter dishes... and yes blue is very popular isn't it?

  9. Hi Anna, thanks, the butter dishes are very popular. The red is firing darker than it used to. hum. oh well, folks like red too.

  10. There sure is a wonderful choice there, Linda...lovely, one and all. :)

    1. Hi Lee, thanks so much, had a few good sales over the weekend, every little bit helps.


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