Thursday, November 13, 2008

Betty Picks Name Out of Hat !

Today I announce the winner of the Buddha's Hand and .......... A DRAWING FOR A FREE GIFT ! I decided to take my gardening hat (you can see by the sweat band that it's well used) and put all the names in there. Then, believe it or not, Betty picks name out of hat ! You might be wondering how I got Betty to pull the names out of the hat? Betty is a very curious. All I had to do was point out the rolled up names in the hat, she cooperated by trying to get them out of the hat so she could bat them around on the floor for a while.

Your odds are one in ten (10) of winning the drawing for the free gift(s). I put the following list of blogger's names on a piece of paper, crumpled it up, and put it in my garden hat. Ricky was a first time poster here. I discovered Judy's blog because I love her glazes. Gary had a contest on his blog and I thought it would be a good idea too. Jerry has been a long time follower of my blog. I discovered Meredith's blog and then she visited mine. Becky and Amy found my blog because I visited their blog posts on barrel firing. And I know I'm following in Deborah's "Stonepool" footsteps keeping you in suspense here. CJ visited my lavender garden and learned I had a blog. I think Cynthia's blog is the second pottery blog I ever read.

In the first photo you can see, indeed, Betty picks name out of hat ! She has one piece of paper with a name on it under her left paw. Then Betty pulls the name out of the hat and bats it around on the floor for a while. When the paper ball stops rolling she looks at it. While Betty's looking at the paper ball, I open it up and let her see it. As you can see Betty has chosen the winner: CJ of the JollyEwe Knitting Blog.

Congratulations CJ, just send me an email with your mailing address and I will mail you your free gift(s). Then if you'll take some photos when you receive the gift(s) and send them to me, I can post photos of the gift(s) from the drawing for everyone to see.

A big thank you to all who read my blog, especially those making comments. I love hearing and learning from all of you around the blogging world. By the way, Betty said you're all winners. She pulled the rest of the names out of the hat while I was writing this post. Thanks Betty !



  1. Linda - What fun - I love Betty's technique & how generous you are! Lucky CJ.

  2. Great job Betty!
    That was just too cute.
    I hope she gets something special for all her "hard" work!
    It was fun to be included.

  3. what a fun post and a smart cat! I laughed as I read this. You are so generous too.

  4. Congratulations to CJ and a big thank you to YOU for having the contest. While only 1 of 10 could win the prize, I think we're all winners meeting Betty and enjoying the selection process. (I'm going to have to conduct a training session with my feline trio. ) Great fun all around!!!

  5. very cute. You should have her pick lotto numbers for you.

  6. I should have given your cat a can of tuna before the drawing ;op

    Does your cat come running whenever she hears the can opener? Mine do and it is a hand crank one, not even electric!

    Hope all is well :o)


  7. WOOHOO!!!!!! I'm so Happy!!! Thanks for a wonderful contest. I'll email you my info.

    By the asked what FO means on my's knit speak for "finished object".

    Thanks again!!

  8. How fun! Kitty is so helpful - and congrats to the winner.

  9. Very creative! I like Deborah's suggestion of having your kitty pick lottery numbers for you!

  10. Hey everyone, I've been a bit negligent and absent minded lately due to my back, trying to stay in the swing of things - thanks for all the comments - I really need Betty to pick some winners for me for sure. CJ, I should be able to mail your gift by the end of the week, sorry for the delay.

  11. Betty is so adorable!!! She looks alot like a Maine coon I had...her name was Moxie...our favorite drink...:)


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