Monday, November 3, 2008

Buddha's Hand and ............................... A DRAWING FOR A FREE GIFT !


You've probably realized I like gardening, but to go along with that I also like cooking with things I harvest from my garden. All summer I didn't have much time to appreciate my garden with all the watering and weeding and then there was all the time I spent with clay. But now that our weather is in a cooling trend, I've had a little more time to walk in my garden and enjoy all I have planted here. Much to my delight today, I saw some of my Buddha's Hand, or fingered citron, are ripening.

I planted this citrus tree as an oddity in the garden. Since that time I learned there are lots of reasons to recommend this tree. My tree is only 4 feet tall, if that, and it has at least eleven Buddha hands on it. There are probably more on the other side of the tree.

Carolyn Carter, of described the fruit as "what looked like a piece of yellow coral". Carolyn provides an easy recipe on her site for Candied Buddha's Hand Citron. In addition to using the fruit for cooking the fruit is also very fragrant. It is said to freshen a whole room if picked and placed there. The tree has ancient origins and is one of the oldest members of the citrus family.

I am not a Buddhist, but I collect Buddha statues. To go along with the Buddha's hand, here are some photos of my small Buddha collection. Since I am always running around trying to do too much, I am drawn to the peacefulness Buddha statues seem to emanate. I like looking at my Buddhas as I go about my daily life. I have several Buddha statues placed in various locations around my home.

This small collection of Buddhas are inexpensive, probably resin, but I like their happy countenance. (Please disregard the dust, I don't have time for that now that I've found clay). This group graces the lower shelf by the front door and brings good will to all who enter and all who leave.

This Buddha graces the shelf in my family room. I went to a local fund raiser several years ago and there was a silent auction and I was lucky enough to obtain this statue. The statue is solid concrete and the detail is amazing. This statue would be beautiful in ceramic, don't you think?

This next Buddha is in the bathroom. I hope it isn't sacrilegious to have a Buddha statue in the bathroom, but the wood fits in nicely with the decor and he looks like he is doing his morning stretches.

This colorful Buddha is placed on the upper shelf of a stand on the screen porch. I found this Buddha in a run down thrift store in a little town I was passing through one day and he called out to me. He watches over the my newly installed kiln. From the looks of his happy expressions, I think I'll have many wonderful firings. He's so colorful I think he's capable of positively influencing kiln firings far and wide.

I just realized I don't have a Buddha statue for my new studio conversion, so I'll be on the lookout for one to grace the shelves there too. Today, I have a few more platters and casserole dishes to glaze. Some of these are going to be a re-glaze from the load which didn't reach Cone 9. Hopefully they'll come out looking OK this time. Remember purple surprise, if it doesn't turn out this time, I'll post a photo, you'll have a real good laugh. Stay tuned.

GUESS WHAT? .... THIS IS POST # 100 !!!

To celebrate I will put all the names of those making a comment (one comment per person, please) on this post in a hat. I will then draw the name of one person to receive a gift, maybe even two or three gifts. I'm a generous person and it's a surprise from me. I will announce and post the winner here on this blog next week. At that time the winner can send me an email with their shipping address so I can send them their prize shipped to them free of charge by me. (sorry, free shipping to this continent only - shipping to other areas will be negotiable). The winner should send me a photo via email of them receiving their gift(s) so I can post a photo of them on my blog. Good luck!


  1. congrads on your 100th post! i have been a long time subscriber, but first time poster ;o)

    that plant is crazy looking plant! i am in the process of buying my first house and plan on having a huge home garden. maybe i should add that to my list?

    keep up the great bloggin!


  2. 100! Congrats! That's a lot of blogging. I have Buddha statues all over my house & garden too. There is something very peaceful about them. (I'm not Buddhist either).

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yay! 100!
    I like that Buddha is always laughing.

  4. How funny that you had a post about Buddha's Hand. We were in the grocery store the other day and they had them in the produce department. I think they are so interesting and I must admit I had no idea that they were a citrus. The plant looks great.

    Congrats on the 100th post. That's exciting!

    (I think I have the stretching Buddha used to be my grandparents'.)

  5. Hi Ricky, Welcome. Love your ceramics. At first I thought your vases were carved, then I read you do the design with an underglaze. Good luck on your Etsy sales.

  6. Hi Judy, what a coincidence. Hope you post some photos of your Buddhas some day.

    Hi Gary, I'm not sure I have ever seen a Buddha with a frown.

    Hi Jerry, my husband's mother used to collect Buddhas back in the beatnick days. I'm going to try and use the Buddhas hand for some recipes this year.

  7. Thanks for the information and the tour- I love the bathroom Buddha. He would put a smile on this "non- morning" person daily- he is great- don't you just want to rub that belly!
    Congratulations on the blog- I have to add you to mine.
    That way I don't have to think- now where is Linda and what is she doing today?


  8. Congratulations on the 100th post! Your collection of Buddhas is inspiring. Many bellies to rub and I think they make a powerful "kiln god."

    On a side note, the garden photos on your blog are equally inspiring. They are further testament that good things come from the earth.

    (I love your spirit bird from an earlier post. )

  9. congrats on post #100! I added your link to my blog. It's fun to learn from you. I like the idea of the surprise... and look forward to see who wins. How generous!

  10. Thanks Meredith, I am slowly updating my blog and finding new ceramics or art blogs every day. It is so much fun. I am newly appreciating my Buddhas since my post. Sometimes I forget to appreciate what I already have.

    Thanks Becky, I am hoping to do more sculpture pieces in the future. I love gardening it's just a lot of work in this hot dry climate.

    Thanks Amy, I am by no means an expert, I learn from every potter I meet and every post I read. I was feeling generous at the time of my 100th post.

    Gary Rith did a give away and I was inspired in part by him. I also think I have read that others have done something similar too. It makes blogging all the more fun.

  11. Hi Linda. As far as your comment about being sacreligious (I can't figure out the spelling) to have a Buddha in the bathroom. I don't know a lot about Buddhism, but I believe one of the nice aspects about it is that it is not a religion-so I think you are safe. No fire and brimstone for you today.

  12. Candied Buddha's hand! That sounds wonderful. I didn't know you could actually do things with this fruit....thanks for the info.

    Love all the peaceful, happy looking Buddhas

  13. I missed this post...

    I also have a small collection of Buddhas in my garden and home. I like the principles of Buddhism a lot.

    I've never seen a "Buddha's Hand" plant before - wow it's so sculptural and exotic looking!

    I'm always amazed at what grows in different parts of the country, and I always want what grows in more temperate climates than Denver.

    My inlaws live in Texas and they have all types of citrus etc. that I would never be able to grow here.

  14. Comments are closed on this post. My next post I'll announce who the winner is. Thanks to all who participated.

  15. Hello.

    I'm a practicing Buddhist. The many fine statues you have of the fat happy man, is not the Buddha Shakyamuni but a Bodhissatva named Maitreya who, in the Buddhist tradition, is to appear on Earth and become a Buddha in the future.

    And of course you can have a statue of the Buddha in your bathroom. It is only a symbol of the Buddha, not THE Buddha. Only good can come from be reminded of peace everywhere :)

    Many greetings from Denmark.

  16. I am a first time visitor but will definitely be back for more! I came searching for info on Buddha hand and got just what I was searching for! How long did it take for your tree to bear fruit? What does it taste like? Do you know of any place you can buy just the fruit? I live in Titusville Fla., on the East Coast of Fla., where the shuttle luanches. Will be back for more..keep on blogging! Carol Belcher

  17. Hi Carol, I think it took two years to get a few fruit and after that lots. The fruit has little to no insides and is mostly rind, it is grown mostly for its aroma and for flavoring for foods with the rind. You could probably order from a specialty nursery, not sure around here I lived in California when I got that one. Welcome, hope you visit here again.


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