Monday, July 11, 2011

Some Results

Bowl with Floating Flowers
2h x 10.5w inches

The drum circle was cancelled due to rain, I was so disappointed. We got five inches of rain yesterday, all in a few hours. It's very hot and extremely humid, more so, it seems, than last year. Here are a few of the pieces from this firing. I'd like to make several more of this floating flowers bowl and glaze each one with contrasting glazes. On one bowl I'd like to use some lusters, but I don't think this one. This bowl might be nice with the same colors as those in the next piece, burgundy and yellow.

Burgundy Wine Flower
3h x 10w x 9w inches

I made this flower tattered looking. I'd like to make another one that's real tattered. My intention was to mount this flower on the wall. I could almost see several smaller flowers and a flower bud connected to some green stems with leaves. I'll have to think about how to achieve that. Oh I just had an idea, I could make the stem a measuring tool for the height of children, wouldn't that be fun. I think I'll do that. For safety, the flower would have to be mounted high since the petals are pointy. But I could make another one for that use with rounded petals. My mind is always coming up with new ideas.

Purse on a Base
6h x 9w x 6w inches

I glazed this purse almost a year ago, glazing the whole thing even the bottom, not even thinking how I would fire it. About a month ago I decided to make a base for it. The base dried nice and flat so I finally got around to firing it. I arranged for the purse to be glazed to the base intentionally during firing.

Easter Island Inspired Sculptures
4h x 2w and 3.5h x 2w inches

Sometimes I do silly things. It must have been late and I decided not to glaze the features on these two Easter Island inspired sculptures thinking the glaze would obliterate the detail. Now I wish I had; I'll have to refire them. If you recall these two have holes in the top of their heads large enough for a stick of incense or to hold a pen, pencil, or paint brush. The one of the left is nice and rounded and feels good to hold in my hand, like a worry stone might feel. I might make some more of these men, they seem wise some how. I read the statues on Easter Island would have had precious stones for eyes, so I made these two with green eyes for a jade color and their mouths are the burgundy red color.

Compote Bowls
4h x 4w inches

I envision a nice fruit compote or a decadent dessert served in these two pinch bowls. They have a nice feel in the hand. Speaking of silly things; I've used my backdrop with greenware and now it's all stained and scratched. I'll have to get another one for fired work. Up next the results of the Florida clay slip I used on several pieces. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hi Linda,
    You sure do keep busy~ good for you.
    Love the burgandy's happy :)

  2. Hi Linda. I like those heads just like they are. The unglazed features really stand out.

  3. I know Florida needs the rain, too bad you can't schedule it.
    I really liked that Burgundy Wine Flower.

  4. Hi Kathy, thanks, I hope to make more happy flowers.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, maybe I'll make a couple more and glaze all of those to make a comparison.

    Hi Meredith, thanks so much.

    Hi Patti, thanks so much, yesterday was only 20 percent so I did another bisque firing. Now I need to challenge the weather again this week for the glaze load. We do need the rain. We got another 2 inches yesterday.


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