Friday, July 22, 2011

Vine and Flower Pedestal

Sometimes even if a piece has a problem I know about, I glaze fire it anyway. I'm learning there's a lot to be learned from doing this. You might recall one of the flower buds on this pedestal fell off before the bisque. Look here to see how I used vinegar slip to attach it. I fired it in the bisque and it held and I was amazed.

After the bisque I noticed there was a small crack in the top bowl portion. Whoa is me! Strange little crack, perhaps I pressed too hard when attaching it to the base. But if I didn't glaze fire the piece I wouldn't know if the flower bud would also hold on during the glaze firing. So I took just as much care glazing the piece as if it didn't have any flaws.

Well the flower bud held on during the glaze, good news. But the glaze ran. I put on too much yellow glaze trying to cover up the vinegar slip patch. Darn, but the flower bud stayed put and it's firmly attached after the patch job. I think that flower bud is too large, I like the smaller sized ones with this piece.

But have a closer look at the vines and buds. I love how they stand out from the piece as if they're barely attached just clinging to a wall. I like how the clay color is showing through; semi-rough against the smooth background glaze.

I learned a lot from this one piece being fired. Vinegar is my friend, too much glaze is not, persistence and perservance will definitely help my clay knowledge and progress. I'll be working on more pieces with vines very soon. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.
© Linda Starr


  1. There is so much to learn about clay, perhaps that is what keeps us making, there is always another challenge. I also like Little Miss Attitude in previous post - nice yellow and contrast with the arms :^)

  2. Hi Anna, thanks, yes clay is never boring that's for sure, thanks for the feedback on miss attitude.

  3. i have fired a few things with cracks lately... it limits my glaze choices because i have use a glaze that hopefully will fill in the crack.
    the vines and leaves on your piece came out nice... they certainly do look like they are "clinging". you should make more of these!

  4. Hi Michele, thanks, I never has any success with glazes filling cracks, yeah I like how they look like that, I was hoping they stayed on and didn't pop off. I will make some similar with vines clinging.

  5. Even with the tiny crack and the runny glaze it is a gorgeous piece. I love sprigged pieces. Well done.

  6. Hi Cazz, thanks, I have a shelf full of prototypes and seconds, Ha.


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