Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pit Firing at Cochise College

Check out this pit firing at Cochise College. This well done documenary is by Stephen Crout.

In other news I purchased an electric blanket so I can keep my central heat setting lower during the night to save money. Supposedly an electric blanket will save $160 per year. That's probably an estimate for colder climates, but my lower legs get cold so comfort wise I get a better nights sleep.

I'm also thinking of getting a heating pad for my lower legs during the day. Tile floors are great in summer, but in winter they can be fairly cold. In a block home built on a slab heat registers are in the ceiling and hot air rises so it's drafty on the floor. My lower legs get cold easily even with thick socks. I could use a space heater, but they use a lot of electricity which is more costly. I'm looking for a good source for some wool leg warmers, any ideas? Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. That's one festive pit firing!

  2. I keep my setting at around 62 and have an extra quilt instead. I like sleeping when it's cooler and buddy does, too, with his fur coat and all, so it works. I also wear layers without ever being cold in the house. Someone pointed out recently in a blog that we need to be paying more attention to energy Conservation, along with alternatives, something that would help immensely. I'm trying to not take the niceties for granted, but conserve and appreciate all the ways they make life better.

  3. I don't think electric space heaters really cost that much. I use them a lot to keep my bill down anyway. However, leg warmers sound like a great idea. I always wear those smart wool socks--expensive but they last forever and so I think worth the investment, plus they feel nice.

  4. Earlier this summer, I tiled my bathroom...didn't realize how cold the floor would be. I use a space heater in the garage while working on my mosaics. It gets very, very cold out there.

  5. A serious thought. Electric socks from a sporting goods store?

  6. Hi Linda,

    I get thick wool socks from a couple of farming supply places around here. Don't know about availability in FL. I work in my basement and it gets chilly on that cement floor in the winter. I find rubber mats help. And I did see some kind of heated plug-in rubber mat once that someone had in their basement for their kids to play on. Don't know where they got it.

  7. Check Etsy for leg warmers. Have you thought about a little throw rug for under your feet when you're working. It might be enough buffer from the cold floor.

  8. Hi Dennis, thanks, isn't that the coolest, I loved the fire dancers. They just had their fifth firing this past weekend, I'm looking forwward to seeing if there will be another video.

    Hi Teresa, thanks necessity is the mother of invention, Gary was just saying what did they do before electricity, sit by the fire or under a quilt, perhaps a down quilt.

    Hi Rubye, thanks, actually the space heaters do cost a lot, electricity is expensive in this state, I know when we lived in Arkansas it was less because they were on the TVA electricity, perhaps you are too? Anyway I'm looking for leg warmers. Yeah the wool should last a long time, reminds me of when they used to darn the holes in them and keep wearing them. Ha. before my time I think.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, yeah if I glaze in the garage I use a space heater, but I may move inside this winter if it gets really cold.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, do they have those oh maybe they are for skiers; I'll have to check it thanks.

    Hi Melissa, thanks, oh a heated mat what a good idea, maybe they have them, I'll check at the feed store for the wool socks too.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I did check etsy and they have them but am wondering if they will fit me, I think that's the drawback of ordering clothing from a distance. I'm going to check the sporting goods store sections first and elsewhere. I guess leg warmers are in fashion now, Ha, imagine that. It's my shins that are cold, maybe I just need more exercise, I'll work on that part too.

  9. i agree with Lori, look on etsy for leg warmers. i am also a huge fan of smartwool socks... they are expensive but last along time

  10. Dennis has a great idea. Also, I just bought an electric throw for couch sitting.
    Odd, my house is on a slab and the registers are on the floor. Heaven help me if they ever need work.

  11. Thanks Linda, for that amazing video. No words for it, just WOW !

    Living in an electric house I always look for alternatives to electricity. Heavy socks does thick soled footwear. Do you knit? Somewhere, left from my dancing days I have a pattern for knit legwarmers.

    I am also on a slab. The cool is great in summer, not so wonderful in winter. Generally after Christmas, when it gets truly cold, I come upstairs where I decorate and make small items until march.

  12. That is a wicked cool video. Maybe I can talk the wife into taking a little vacation out there one year.

  13. Hi Michele, thanks, I have never seen smartwool socks, there is a lack of warm clothing here in Florida due to the warmer weather.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I have never seen an electric throw, where did you purchase it, that is just what I was thinking of.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, no I do not knit, I used to crochet years ago. I do have some crochets throws, but I think I need something closer to my legs. I did find a pair of knee high socks the other day and that definitely helped. Now it is warmer again so I have a reprieve.

    Hi Rob, thanks, isn't that just the greatest, what a fun evening and talk about getting the public involved in a pottery process, ingenious for sure. Did you see one woman came out from Califoria to see the firing, what a trip that would be. They just had their firing this past weekend, curious to see if another video will come out.


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