Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bowls, Leaves, Plates, and More

 This colosseum bowl is stacked strip constructed. I want to make a really large one of these.

It's a very sturdy weight due to the strip construction. 

 Leaves in colors for tea bags, spoon rests, candles or what have you.

 Oblong plates for a special order in various colors.

These stack up nicely in a cabinet or on the table for a buffet.

 Pinched green man, perhaps a sugar bowl.

 Large pinch bowl 3.5 x 6.5 inches. I was disappointed with the green exterior, not enough glaze I guess. I glazed the interior with an oatmeal color. A good sized bowl for kitchen prep, like beating eggs.

 Green and gold tea bowl. A little wobbly when sitting, I'll have to pay attention to that when I make future pinch bowls.

Pair of pinched planters. Shells kind of dwarf the bowls; bowls should be a larger size. Shells were supposed to be more tan, I'll probably add some gold acrylic leaf to them to enhance their color.

Tall flower brick with handles.

 Stack constructed basket. The color came out much lighter than I expected, it's a pale blue gray but the shape is nice; an understated form.

 Here's the pinched condiment server. The exterior came out lighter than I expected, but I really like this form.

 I glazed the interior an oatmeal color. I'll make more of these in a larger size I think. If you didn't see the last post, check it out I put photos of all the towers from this firing. Thanks for all your comments,. advice, and encouragement.


  1. As I read alson and admired I realized how much of our kitchen ware is pottery we've bought at shows. I don't know what we would do without the mashed potato bowl or the mixing bowls, or the platters, or....

  2. Hi Joanne, thanks so much, you're so right there are special bowls for certain foods we get used to having and using and enjoying. Even sculptures we love to see on our mantle or by the bedside or window sill. And appreciating the person who made them. I try to remember to sign each piece I make and when I am at a show folks always look on the bottom to see if it is signed.

  3. Such lovely pieces! Congrats, Linda!

  4. You are doing beautiful things and the bowls with shells are just lovely. I can use one of them on my stumb *smile*.


  5. Hey there Linda! Leaves in colors are wonderful, great idea for tea bags, and oblong plates are my favorite, sooooo simple and gentle...Nice work ;)

  6. Hi Gigi, thanks, I didn't realize I had so much in this kiln load, Ha.

    Hi Elna, thanks, if you like I can reserve for you.

    Hi Katarina, thanks, the leaves for tea bags are fun and the oblong plates are perfect for luncheon plates or buffet.


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