Sunday, August 12, 2012

Strip Coiled Vase

The primitiveness of these pieces I've been making recently is growing on me. I might branch into a wider lower form next time. I constructed the strips like coils this time rather than stacking them evenly. I even coiled the base. This may be a little tippy with the narrow base.

I didn't put any color on this one; I thought I'd mix a batch of Florida clay into a wash. I've tried using the Florida clay as terra sig but it doesn't stick very well. I found some frit I didn't know I had so I thought I'd mix some of that in with the Florida clay and put it on the exterior. What percentage would you recommend I use of frit to clay?

Since the Florida clay has so much sand in it I may have to settle the clay into terra sig, then let it dry and then mix the frit in and then re add water to make a wash to put on the pot. I was just reading June Perry's page on mixing oxides and washes and trying to extrapolate from there for my Florida clay wash.

I've made a number of sales in several local shops and on Etsy recently so I'll have to divert myself to replace some stock of bowls and different sized plates. I'd much rather be playing with baskets, carts, and these strip stacked forms but I can't complain. I am out of my stoneware clay so I'll have go to Ocala on Monday to get more. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Interesting shape...can see delphiniums in this piece, but would need a foam piece half way up in order to keep height of stalks.

    Will look at your Etsy store. Love bowls !


  2. It's so fun to see and hear about your process of creation...and the questions you consider. Let us know what you decide on the slip mixture, it is interesting, but I haven't done it so have no advice to give.

  3. Another interesting pot! Keep them coming!

    I make terra sig from my throwing clay. I put a bunch of dried clay in a lot of water. Once it is slaked I beat the crap out of it with a clay dedicated immersion blender. I then set it aside until it separates into three distinct layers. The top is clear water; the middle is fine particulates; the bottom is all the other stuff. You want the middle layer. I draw the water off with a sponge and turkey baster and carefully scoop the middle part into a container. I generally sieve it before using. This is what works for me. I know there are some good terra sig recipes out in the world.

    Congratulations on sales....always a good thing!

  4. Hi Nancy, thanks so much, this vase is only about 12 inches tall so I think the delphiniums would do nicely without any foam, but that is a good idea to raise up the height of the flowers. You've reminded me of the delphiniums that grew in many folks gardens when I lived near Mt. Lassen, they are so delicate looking yet so hardy of a flower.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, I have made the terra sig before the same way but the Florida clay doesn't adhere to the pots very well, too sandy, maybe there isn't enough clay in it. It fires a nice orange color without glaze over it, I think I'll do some test tiles to see what come up with, maybe some test bowls in case it runs. Ha.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, check out the next post. I decided to use some other clay I had for the slip deco.



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