Monday, December 3, 2012

Ferns and Butterflies

Sadly both of these fern platters warped but I glaze fired them anyway to see how a couple of glazes would turn out. I especially like this top combo of glazes. I like the position of the ferns on the second plate.

 It seems no matter how much of this aqua glaze I brush on it never seems to be enough. Maybe there isn't enough colorant in the glaze or I haven't stirred it up enough while glazing.

I almost didn't fire this plate; it was an underglaze experiment. I think the orange butterfly could have been tilted toward the center of the plate. The photo doesn't do the plate justice. In person this looks like an antique plate that one might find in a grandmother's kitchen cupboard. A plate that's developed a patina over time.

Some time ago I moved my photo tent to the garage and draped an old sheet over it to keep the dust out. The florescent lights in the garage are too bright for photos and purely by accident I discovered the sheet helps diffuse the light. Even then there's sometimes a glare on the front of shiny pots. So I stand under the sheet and take the photos. Much like a photographer would have done years ago. It works well to reduce glare and remove shadows. I'll have to get a white sheet which would probably work much better.

I made quite a few sales at the arts and crafts show this past weekend. I had requests for a butter dish and a sponge holder. Somehow I just can't motivate myself to make sponge holders, maybe one of these days I will. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Oh, that's too bad about your platters. Have you ever thought about selling pieces like that to people who do mosaics? Your pieces are so colorful they would be wonderful for that.

  2. It's so hard to keep them from warping. They are still beautiful.
    I had a student roll a fern into a plate then ask me how to decorate it. I suggested he do an inlay of copper carb, wipe off the excess, fire it onto the piece in a bisque firing then glaze with a white glaze. It came out beautiful, similar to these.

  3. Oh, about the sponge holders. I had a hard time motivating myself to make them also but I did for this weekend's show because I was going to promote them as soap holders with my friend who makes handmade soap. I should have made more, they sold like hotcakes. Totally worth it.

  4. Sponge holders and soap dishes probably aren't so decorative but there's always a market for functional items. If you design matching items for the kitchen like utensil holders (I have two next to my stove) you might have a whole new line of products.

  5. Those darn sponge holders... like Lori said, they sell like crazy. Now that I have made around 100, I can crank them out more quickly.

  6. Being about as old as dirt and having all the stuff I will ever need, about the only potteries I check for at a show are soap holders and covered butter dishes. My favorite butter dish had a stick of butter sized platter bottom and a cover shaped like a quonset hut, with a handle. A counter cat sent it crashing when he was discovered!

  7. Sorry about your platters (dang!!!) I check for soap holders at craft festivals too!!! About all I can afford these days. Oooh and coffee mugs. Now I'll start looking at butter dishes... hahah! See what you started???

  8. I am glad you made some sales...I did not doubt that you would. It is frustrating making mistakes but that is how we learn. :( Still the untrained eye your mistakes look pretty good. :)

  9. I love your antique butterfly - he would grace any home.
    And, to join the chorus, your 'mistakes' look pretty good from here. Perhaps you should defiantly put them up for sale saying that the 'rustic look' was what you were aiming for.

  10. I like these plates - especially the third one with the orange butterfly and the textured green body colour.

  11. Hi Gayle, thanks, I have some tiles for sale and have given pieces away but they sell infrequently and weight quite a bit to lug around.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I may try the copper carb with a white or clear glaze bet that would be beautiful. I love these native ferns since the spores show up nicely.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, I may have to make a some of these because I can use all the sales I can get.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I looked back on your blog and saw you had a ton of them on the shelf. I will have to start making them because the small sales add up and I need as many as I can get just to keep me in clay and electricity to fire the kiln.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, same here I don't need much other than sales so I can keep working in clay. A quonset hut how interesting.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I can't afford any pottery either unless it's my own, lol.

    Hi Dee, thanks from the side the evidence is apparent and also one stuck to the shelf.

    Hi Lorik, thanks, that third one is very soft looking in person with the satin glaze over the top. I will keep experimenting with these underglazes.

  12. I linked to your shrimp recipe after trying it out the other night. Good stuff!


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