Thursday, December 7, 2023

Mushroom Omelet

Mushroom Omelet

1/8 onion chopped or one shallot chopped
2 tbs olive oil to sauté
1/2 pint mushrooms sliced
5 eggs beaten
salt and pepper to taste
herb of your choice
1/4 cup asiago cheese grated

Sauté onion then add mushrooms and cook till al dente. Here's where I went wrong. I added the eggs on top of the sautéed ingredients. I should have removed them and added some butter or oil, then the eggs, then the sautéed ingredients, seasoning and herbs, then topped with the grated cheese. I am paying for that now. I have soaked the frying pan several times trying to get it clean. Whoa is me! The omelet was good though; Gary and I split it.

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