Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Please Don't Let Me Die

Please Don't Let Me Die
(image borrowed from the net)

Scrolling through social media, I saw a post of someone who posted about a grandmother who'd recently gained custody of her grandchildren. She was posting a recipe of a snack for children which was less costly than chips bought at a store which she could no longer afford. She said ramen noodles dehydrated with spices on them was a cost effective substitute which children would like. When the children were adopted by the grandmother, they were all severely malnourished. Since they were malnourished for a lengthy period of time, they craved food most of the day. Now that they had food to eat, their instinct told them to continuously eat.

As the grandmother was making the snack, she heard her grand daughter in the next room lying on the sofa crying. Previously that day the grandmother had run out of eggs and this was worrying the grandchild greatly since it brought back memories of days when she was starving. As the grandmother walked up to the back of the couch, she saw her grandchild rocking back and forth and heard the grandchild saying, "Please don't let me die", "Please don't let me die" over and over again.

One of the saddest stories I think I've ever heard. I am eternally thankful for what I have because there are literally young children worried about starving to death. The woman has a very common name and there was no way for me to determine how to help her, but if I could I'd send her dozens of bags of chips for those children and so much more.

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