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Poached Pompano in Taylor & Ng Poacher

Poached Pompano in Taylor & Ng Fish Poacher

I can never go wrong cooking any fish with this poacher.
You do not have to use a whole fish, fillets work just as well.

Taylor and Ng Fish Poacher
from a San Francisco store

I've had this ceramic fish poacher since the late 1970s.
The poacher is unglazed on the outside, but glazed on the inside.

There is a small hole to let steam escape the poacher at the top end.
Basically I put chopped vegetables into the bottom
of the poacher to raise the fish up off the bottom.
Then I use orange juice, some wine, herbs and seasoning,
and a few pats of butter to keep the fish moist.

Place poacher in a COLD oven and turn heat
to 400 F and bake for 30 minutes.
For a ceramic poacher you must put in a COLD oven.
Ceramic ware is subject to thermal shock, so heed this tip.
My poacher exterior is getting a more brown patina
in the outer edges due to years of use.

When fish is cooked lift from the poacher
and cut into portion sizes to serve each individual.
The fish gravy left behind is used to spoon over the fish.
I usually cook rice to absorb the vegetable laden fish gravy.
Poaching fish this way never fails to impress us.

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