Wednesday, July 10, 2024

New Shoes

New Shoes

I knew I needed a new pair of shoes but
was hesitant to order online because
I am so hard to fit with shoes.
I need a wide width with arch support and a smaller size.
I just knew if I ordered online
the shoes would get here and they wouldn't fit.
Not to mention all the problems with getting mail
or packages from the various delivery services.

Old Shoes

The other day we happened to be in Blue Ridge and
stopped into the Shoe Show store.
Amazingly they had wide width shoes.
I found a pair that fit and got them.
They happen to be Sketchers slip-ons.
Guess I'll be retiring these old shoes
Dr. Scholl's with arch support.
Dr. Scholl's has quit making wide widths in my size.
I think I got my money out of these;
they are 10 years old.
Sometimes it pays to wait for the right opportunity.
If you need a special size shoe you might try
the Shoe Show in either Blue Ridge or Ellijay.

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