Monday, April 13, 2009

Black Phoebe

phoebe nest in the barn

drying the laundry ?

starting to burn

Gary putting a lid on it

there's some things left
in the bottom of the barrel

What do these photos have in common? They're all down by the barn except for the flower. A Black Phoebe has made a nest in the rafters of the barn and there are baby birds chirping in the nest. Gary noticed the nest looks like a face. See the eyes, nose, and mouth. Of course you can see the long black hair. The last photo is the bower vine or Pandorea jasminoides blooming in my garden. Stay tuned, I'll get to the bottom of the rest of the photos tomorrow when it's a bit cooler.


  1. I have never seen a black phoebe. Thanks, Joan T

  2. Hi Joan, I have never seen them till I moved here. Apparently they hang around water and we have the river behind us. They catch insects in mid air. They swoop down and catch them and then land on a fence post or whatever is nearby. They are sweet little birds calling with two notes like they are talking to you.

  3. what a clever post! Can't wait to see the bottom of the barrel. Will check back tomorrow for sure... We're having our next barrel firing in early May, I think.

  4. Hi Amy, I'm typing up the post and loading the photos right now, I might post it early since the realtors are coming tomorrow morning. I sent you an email with links to some of the pendants.

  5. Cool photo essay! The nest is really cool...and is the plant part of the Jasmine family?

  6. Thanks Cynthia, even though the name has jasmine this plant is in a different family. My next post will have a jasmine family plant. It's been all very confusing trying to learn plants in genus, species and family and I finally just started concentrating on knowing which plants would grow where and how they would thrive in various landscapes and am leaving the scientific names and classifications to the botanists.


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