Friday, June 12, 2009

Glaze Mystery and Illness Strikes

You might recall my friend, Connie's Tree of Life sculptures. The other day Connie brought a few bowls to my house for me to photograph so I could post them here for you to see, wondering if any of you might know the name of this glaze? It's a Cone 10 reduction glaze and the bowl was dipped. The bowl was constructed by lying a round piece of clay flat and cutting flaps and slipping them together like a dart. Thus making the bowl shape. Later a coiled foot was added. There are butterscotch, beige, and dark blue colors to the glaze. This is a glaze mystery to us, what do you think? This next bowl is the same glaze but a little different effect was achieved in the same firing.

Yesterday I got all my d rings on the pieces which need to hang like the butterfly wall pocket, the jellyfish, and the window, bails on my barrel fired pendants, magnets on some small crosses and lots of other duties. Then all of a sudden I started coughing and coughing and then by last night I had a really sore throat and was achy all over. I apologize to those who were planning to visit me at Art in the Park Visalia tomorrow. I will not be able to attend since I am really ill with flu like symptoms and a very productive cough (the details of which you would not like to know). This is the second time in two months for this illness and it is really frustrating (swine flu strikes twice?) I have been a very healthy person all my life with nary a cold or flu or anything. It all seems to be catching up to me now.

I was going to post a photo of me lying in bed, but it was rather pitiful, so I decided to post this double white hollyhock which I am sure you will enjoy much more. As soon as I am able I will post the creature in the night piece I mentioned in the last post, so stay tuned.


  1. Linda, So Sorry you are sick. It sounds like a nasty illness too.

    That bowl with the mystery glaze and the clever construction is really nice. No idea what the glaze is, but do like the variation of colour where thick and thin, and the way the incised detail in the bowl shows through. Interesting effect in the second bowl. The glaze really moves doesn't it! Hope someone knows what the glaze is.

    Thanks for your comments on my site, sorry I've not been commenting and posting as regularly as I would like. As you know, life is a bit hectic at the moment, but you people are always somewhere in my thoughts. Get well soon! P.

  2. Hope you feel better! :-)

  3. Oh Linda, I'm so sorry you are sick! You should get a throat swab done to rule out the nasty H1N1 going around. They can treat it now with good, quick doses of antibiotics. Sorry you missed your Art in the Park too :o( Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hope you feel better soon! And sorry you missed your art show.

  5. Rest, rest. Hope you get well soon!

  6. Hi Linda, So very sorry you are ill! Here is the link to the raku firing post on my blog I mentioned earlier:

    Maybe you can read it while you recoup. We've had a rash of bronchitis here in UT - prevalent symptom was a sore throat and cold symptoms, not a cough. Hopefully, you get well very soon.

    I think that glaze might be Laguna Cone 10 Sun Valley glaze, 2 coats thick? Not sure though.

  7. Yikes get better . . .soon. I don;t know about you but or weather has been the weirdous (g) this spring summer. It rains like everyday so far and the vegetation is lush. I havaen;t had to water at all this winter or spring. Now that is werid!

  8. Darn- just darn I hate being sick and I know you do too. A good game of cany land might help- or better yet a hot toddy!

  9. Well, I hope by this posting that you are up and out of the sick bed. Summer colds or flu just are unacceptible. Get better soon.
    The glaze looks like a rutile in colemanite glaze. I know someone that uses a glaze very much like the one shown. I'll talk to him and see if he will share.
    I hope you get to feeling better real soon. Lots of liquids.

  10. Hi Peter, thanks for the information about the glaze and really we potters are super-strivers and we need to relax a bit. This glaze looks like it runs, but it actually didn't really run but just looked like it ran and the multitude of colors was what attracted us to it. It was a glaze that was mixed up on a large five gallon bucket and no one knew what it was. I shall what I can find out. Take er easy Peter and hope you do well in your next shows and such.

    Hi Miri and Nick, thanks so much, if I am posting here, I am doing much better.

    Hi Cindy, thank you, I got some antibiotics and apparently they only do the swine flu swab at the health dept and you have to be referred - and they said we've hardly had any cases - maybe because no one has been referred - I till refer myself next week, but I have a chest xray sceduled and valley fever test and such to be done next week. They tried to say I had an allergy, but I was aching all over and coughing up green phlegm and one day of antibiotics has nocked it for a loop. I am determined to get to the bottom of this because I truly never get sick and don't know what is happening anyway I am doing better now, thanks goodness.

    Hi Judy, thanks so much and I am really sorry to have missed the art show because I could really use the exposure and sales right now.

    Hi Amy, thanks so much, I am going to try to heed your advice.

    Hi Julia, thanks I have used Laguna Sunvalley recently and it is much lighter blue, but it does have the same characteristics and colors as this one, but the tan is darker and the blue is darker on this one. Perhaps older versions of this glaze were different which is possible, this glaze was used from a bucket in the classroom without a label. I will check the link for your post, thanks so much.

    Hi Mary, thanks, yes our weather has been weird here too May was like June and now June is like May, although not enough rain.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I am not sure what the game of cany land is, but I was too sick to even have wine at least yesterday, but today I had a small glass. Better, but wondering what is happening with the repeat episode.

    Hi Ron, thanks, I was thinking of rutile, but the characteristics seemed a bit different, but the colemanite may be the difference I am unfamiliar with.

  11. Glad you are feeling a little better, Linda and sorry you missed the art show. Really bad timing for the nasty illness to reappear. I hope the antibiotics knock it out for good.

  12. Pleased to see that you are showing signs of life over there. May the antibiotics continue to do the right thing, and have you soon be feeling much better. Best Wishes, P and L

  13. Hi Barbara, I can't believe my luck, but sometimes things happen for a reason, not sure what but time will tell. I was just thinking that it would be nice if I had a coop or partner in ceramics and if one was ill the other could go or with a coop then the group could show the other's work, but I have found sales increase when the purchaser can talk directly to the potter. I thought about sending my husband, but he didn't think he could do a good enough job, perhaps I will think about that for next time.

    Hi Peter, thanks for checking back, I am feeling better, just can't believe I have gotten the same illness twice in so short a time - will be having some tests to see what more (hopefully not) may be going on. Thanks again.

  14. Hope you are feeling better now - no fun being sick in summer!

    If this glaze is electric - it looks a little bit like Mastering Cone 6 Glazes - Waterfall Brown. Though this one looks like it may have a little crystal formation?

    If it's gas - no idea...

  15. Hi Cynthia, yes I am better not thank goodness and thanks so much for thinking of me; this little illness gave no warning and came on like a freight train.

    This glaze also reminded me of Waterfall Brown - I had seen this glaze on Mary Starosta's blog (I think) but couldn't recall the name of it. But the bowls I have posted here are Cone 10 reduction. Perhaps there is a Waterfall Brown which is for Cone 10 reduction? You may be on to something. I will do some further checking on this. Thanks so much.

  16. hope you're better for good. your comments on my blog made me laugh.... art out of silverware? Gosh! what next? all in all a good time. Maybe someday we can all meet somewhere and be at the same festival selling our art. I can't imagine a three day show. Becky and I talked about a two day one being the limit, and now I'd be hesitant for that, depending on the venue as it is quite exhausting and I'd rather be at the wheel! hey, did you get those tiles back from that workshop you went to recently? i'm curious to see them.... peace~

  17. Hi Amy, thanks, yes sometimes the shows you have to have a little humor since the other rewards may not be there. The guy next to me at that show wasn't in a humorous mood due to the silverware booth. The shows are exhausting having to be "up" the whole time. You are lucky you can have a booth near someone you know, so they can man the booth if you want to step away, that helps. I haven't gotten the tiles back yet, not sure if she is back from Georgia yet. I will have to send her a note, as I, too, am anxious to see them. Will definitely post them here once I get them though.


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