Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mesquite Smoked Salmon

Each time I purchase salmon from Shellys Seafood in Homosassa, Gary wants me to make teriyaki salmon. This time I got two large fillets of salmon so I could finally make some smoked salmon. The salmon we get comes from Scotland and is considered some of the best salmon in the world, sushi grade. I venture to guess it rivals the Pacific salmon. My palate detects a slight difference in flavor and texture. Pacific salmon is firmer and has a wilder taste. Salmon from Scotland has a softer texture and a sweeter taste. Each is equally good, just different. 

I decided to use mesquite wood because hickory didn't seem like the best choice  for salmon. I marinated the salmon over night in the refrigerator with vinegar, olive oil, juice of one lime, brown sugar, minced garlic, dash of soy sauce, cardamom, cumin, thyme, and sea salt. After marinating I drained it well and let it sit to form a glaze on the surface.

I placed the salmon fillet on aluminum foil on the rack in our Anuka smoker. I filled the tray with mesquite chips and smoked it for 30 minutes. The lime gave the perfect amount of tartness to the flavor.

I served the smoked salmon with crisp crackers on my new leaf plates. I could have added a bit of cream cheese and red onion, but somehow I like to savor the flavor of the salmon without enhancement. The leaf plates are available in my Etsy Pottery Shop. They stack well and can be used to serve snacks, for a soap dish, candle holder, spoon rest and any number of uses. They are food and dishwasher safe. Several purchased at the same time will receive a discount because they can be shipped together. This post is part of the Mud Colony what's happening in the studio. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


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  2. I love Salmon too but have recently found Steel Head Trout. It tastes and looks so much like salmon that non-trout eaters don't know the difference. It tends to cost less than salmon and is more sustainable though. You should try it with these recipes.

  3. Hi Linda...great looking salmon, and I also buy Scottish Salmon (wonder if it has a burrr) when I can (frozen of course but wild caught). And I'm coming to FL next week. Hint hint! Contact me via email if you want to get together somewhere.

  4. Oh Yum! Sounds delicious Linda! I'm not really a fish eater though recently I've become quite fond of salmon and even more recently halibut. So healthy for you! Your recipe sounds fabulous! I'm going to have to try it! Your plates look amazing underneath the appies too! Like Lori, I recently discovered Steel Head Trout. I honestly can't tell the difference and it is much cheaper!

  5. oh how i love smoked salmon... and that leaf plate is gorgeous. you should add that picture with the salmon on it to your etsy photos, if you haven't already.

  6. Your leaf plates look terrific - I always think food is so much more enjoyable when served on interesting plates and dishes. The salmon looks delicious.

  7. Hi Lori, thanks, I used to do quite a bit of trout fishing when I lived in California, steelhead is hard to find here but I have had it and it is good, so is Kokanee which is a inland cross between trout and salmon, I am not sure if this salmon from Scotland is wild or farm raised I will have to ask them.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, this salmon is really good, I sent you an email.

    Hi Brenda, thanks, will look for the steelhead. I showing my plates in use, gives folks and idea of how to use them for sure. One of these days I'll have a big poster made for a booth display, I mean big like three feet, some day.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I am adding the photos in little by little, thanks.

    Hi Elaine, thanks, I try to show my plates in use, and you are right it is more enjoyable on hand made plates.

  8. Yummy :)
    Lovely to see your plates under your delicious morsels !


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