Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Drape Mold Bowls, India Ink, Water Color

The other day I made a couple of drape mold bowls. (I put the wood spoon to show the size). For these bowls I take a slab of clay and drape it over the back of a bowl form. For this one I let it dangle freely and cut off the bottom edges randomly. I took it off the mold when it was still flexible and it splayed out a bit which I wanted. The discoloration on the edges of the clay is the vegetable spray I use to release the clay from a stainless steel form I'm using. It won't be visible after firing.

For this smaller bowl I paddled it close to the form and pressed the seams together. I kept it on the mold till it was more dry and it stayed in an upright shape.

Green ware is piled up every where in the studio, time to get some firing done. Worked at ArtWorks yesterday, maybe today I'll start firing. I need to bring something to ArtWorks to keep me busy when there aren't any customers. I have that crochet doily on the back of the chair because at my last home my cat Betty scratched a lot of holes in the top. The chair is still usable so I make do with the well worn chair. Ha.

I may have to take up India ink drawing again. Something I can do without having to take too many supplies with me to ArtWorks. Maybe I'll put water color or colored pencil on afterwards. Will have to research more about the process. The thing with India ink is once you draw a line, if it's a mistake you can't change it. Maybe I should use pencil to start with. Ha.

The last time I did an India ink drawing was junior high days in summer school. I did mostly architectural drawings. Wish I had some of them now. I might have had a steadier hand back then. We shall see. Yesterday it was 76 F and later this week we're supposed to get below freezing. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I have enjoyed sketching with a fine line ink pen...and I admit I did rough in the shapes with pencil before doing the ink. Most art supply places will have Pigma MICRON pens...the .05 is my favorite, but they go finer (archival quality ink.) Then I sometimes use a watercolor wash to bring out details. Hope you do this when you have a chance away from clay.

  2. I’ve thought about learning to knit so I’ll have something to do in between customers in the booth. We have wi-fi at The Collective so I can take my iPad there and at least answer emails.

    I like how you changed the shape of the bowl after you took it off the mould, it makes it more your shape.

  3. I have so many India ink drawings my sister made. I can still see her doing it, forty years ago, ink bottle, nibs. My dad was an engineer and closet artist. He gave my sister all his beautiful nibs. She still has them, although she now does her India ink with all kinds of sharpies.

  4. I love the drape bowl I bought from you a while ago.

  5. I love India ink but have witched to the sharpie pens over the years. I hope you will share some of your ink sketches with us...

  6. Like Barb said, the micron pens are very nice. I still occasionally use old fashioned pen and ink. I have trouble with the pelikan pens with a cartridge. I think maybe they don't work well for lefties. I pencil in a rough draft when using pen and ink.

  7. LOVE that first bowl. And like the shading (not discolouration) around its edges. A glazing thought perhaps...

  8. The creativity that you exhibit always amazes me!!

  9. Hi Barb, thanks, I may start out with pencil and then add the ink, will check into the pens you mentioned.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I never was coordinated enough to do knitting but I used to crochet, don't have that urge any longer but it might be nice to do macrame and I could put a pot in it afterwards.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, do you have any of your sister's drawings, if so I hope you post them.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, every time I make one of these shapes I think of the poppy bowls, I may have to make a few more of those.

    Hi Dee, thanks, oh it seems sharpies may be the thing to do now rather than the ink.

    Hi Michele, thanks, i'll definitely have to make a rough draft. Ha.

    Hi Sue, thanks, oh that's a good idea although sometimes my glaze shading doesn't come out very well.

    Hi Keith, thanks, I just let myself go, what can I say.

  10. Great post Linda! I think I cut my teeth on pen and ink. Once I found rapidiograph pens I was off to the races. They do plug up if they dry out but still have a few I squirreled away. Enjoy, winter seems to be the perfect time to explore .......
    I used to get micron markers too..... Way easier!


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