Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fresh out of the Kiln

 stacked mug

Later today I'll test this stacked mug to see how it feels drinking from it. I like this fatter shape better than the other one I made which is a little narrower. When holding the handle I can put my index and middle finger in the handle and my thumb on top.

 stacked mug interior

Here's the interior. If I hadn't of put the swirl it would have been nice to have a contrasting color on the interior. I'll make some more of these so I can glaze them differently. It's nice to be able to see the construction method on the exterior with the clear glaze. Oh, I should have taken a photo from the bottom so you could see the foot.

 two tea bowls

These two tea bowls were made with white stoneware. Look down at the tree luminary. That is the same glaze as this. But the tree luminary was made with a speckled stoneware. I wasn't going to work with the speckled stoneware but for some glazes it's much better.

 butter dish

Here's a butter dish I've glazed with the overlapped dots of glaze. This glaze is so beautiful in person. I need to try this overlapping with other glazes to see how they turn out.

 butter dishes
 appetizer plates

These appetizer plates will stack up  nicely in a cabinet. I still can't get my blue green glaze to do what I want. I'll have to get a box of the Macabee clay to see if using that clay will make a difference.

tree luminary

To speed up my glazing I decided not to glaze the edge of the luminary trays. With the speckled stoneware the bare clay isn't noticeable like it would be if the clay was white stoneware.

gingerbread boys and girls

I did the same thing with the gingerbread boys and girls glazing only the top portion. These look like they are edible with a creamy frosting on top. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I love that mug!! I would love to drink some coffee out of it :)

  2. Hi Keith, thanks, I am going to test it with water this morning and see how it drinks, going to make more if it passes the tests.

  3. That mug is precious...hope your handle works for you, beautiful design but question how comfortable it will be when your cup is full. Great faux gingerbread people! What treatment did you use for the luminaire so the speckled brownstone is not the same color throughout?

  4. Love your butter dish! Nice color!

  5. Nice kiln load. You’re gingerbread people came out much better than mine.

  6. Hi Barb, thanks, I think the mug will be fine full but I'll try it tomorrow I got side tracked today. The variation in color is the glaze a shino with a lot of variation.

    Hi Pam, thanks, that overlapping glaze is a winner but time consuming since I have to dot every one of those dots by hand. Ha.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I lucked out with these since I used the shino glaze and the speckled stoneware helps make them look like real gingerbread. I'll make these again. I poke holes for the eyes, nose and mouth with a pencil and I embellish with some bisque stamps I bought from another potter. Gives some dimension to the flatness of them I think. I used Michele's trick of cutting them out with the saran wrap which helped minimize the sanding. But really they take much longer to make than they are worth because of the sanding all the edges. Oh well they are cute and I think they would look nice hung on some ribbon in front of a fireplace. Hey I might do that to see how they look. Ha.

  7. Looking good. Looking very good.

  8. Looove everything, especially those appetizer plates! Are you using a different clay?

    Know what you mean about taxes and fees here (surprised there isn't one for breathing)! But we have to stay two years so we'll see. Linda, it's just different here, hard to explain. This 'different' thing needs to shake out.

    I'm sending you lots of hugs for thinking about me!

  9. Hi Sue, thanks so much.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, so good to know you're ok.

  10. The glaze on that butter dish is beautiful! Love the soft blue.


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