Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bells Are Ringing

Finally I figured out how to take a video with my ancient camera. Then I figured out how to upload the video to my computer and then download the video to YouTube. Please keep in mind this is my first video and I am using a very old camera so the quality is very poor. I'm holding the camera and not using a tripod and Gary's ringing the bells. At least you can hear a little of the sound. Turn up the volume since the microphone didn't pick up the sound very well. The bells sound much better in person. The video has the two bells on the left, the bell on the right had a crack in the rim so I didn't use it.

These are the bells with the metal washer used as a clapper. The table top bell has a better sound. It may be the shape and the fact that it is thinner than the green bell. I think the sail on the green bell may need adjusting up or down. Back to the studio for more research. Up next for those who don't believe I have dust bunnies and a messy back porch you're in for a surprise. Ha. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Glad you figured that out! You will have fun experimenting with different bell designs. I like the one with the sail on it.

  2. Hi Michele, thanks I think the table top one would be good at a wedding when folks want to make a toast to get everyone's attention or at the dinner table when the kids are acting up, lol.

  3. Hi Linda, so the washers work well for clappers? I have a bunch of bells (your inspiration!) in the kiln right now. We'll see!! Thanks so much for the idea!!

  4. Hi Sddonlon, thanks, hope you post photos of your bells for me to see. The metal works well; I haven't fired the beads yet so I'll try those because I think they'll look nicer.


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