Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Something Fishy Going On

Something fishy was going on in the studio yesterday. For a change of pace I was inspired to make some fish sculptures. I cook so much fresh fish I decided it was time to honor the food I'm so lucky to have access to here in Florida.

Even fish have their own personalities. Each one of these evolved in their own way with different shapes and colors. These are about eight inches long and six inches wide. I hope to make some larger ones now that I've dipped my feet in the water.

I plan to add D hooks on the back after firing and they can hang on the wall. Some human features seem to be creeping in on this one.

This one looks to be a cross between a fish and a mammal, rather cat or bird like. What kind of fish is it? I have no idea. Evolution is in full force here I think. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hi Linda: These fish are so great! Are they underglaze colored, or glazes? Or is it colored clay? I can't see any edges of clay showing at the base of them, so it's great coloration. Yes, personalities.

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks, I painted them with underglazes and kind smunched the colors together or something like that. I want to make the next ones with more dimension perhaps the fins sticking out, more sculptural. Doesn't the third one look like an old man or something. Sometimes the clay takes over.

  3. Nice with fishes. The last one look so different and I like it. Have a great day.


  4. Hi Elna, thanks, yes the last one is a creature from the very depths of the sea, ha.

  5. of course you are making fish! it's the natural progression... or should I say, evolution :-)

  6. I saw one that looked like the last one on the beach in Sarasota after a massive fish kill from the Red Tide. I think it is a real species.

  7. Hi Michele, thanks, yes progression and evolution.

    Hi Patti, thanks, well that is amazing there is such a fish, it looked kind of weird to me. Oh that's sad that the red tide killed so many fish.


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