Monday, May 25, 2020

Parasola plicatus

Sometimes it's the smallest things which delight me the most. See the tiny gray mushrooms. They are Parasola plicatus, pleated inkcap, a type of mushroom which grows in decomposing wood litter. They look like miniature umbrellas or parasols. Hence their name. Every morning they pop up in the pots where I am starting vegetable seeds. When it warms up they wither away. The next morning new ones are back again. Keep your eyes out you never know what you might see to brighten your day. The seedlings are radishes; they germinated in less than a week. Thank you today and every day to all who lost their lives for us to be free. Be well.


  1. Ha ha, we're both posting about seedlings! But the mushrooms are even better in your post! I don't get these. Have a great Memorial Day!

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks, I think it's the type of potting soil I used, never had them before.

  2. I am a big fan of the 'little things'. I see similar mushrooms here from time to time, and they blow me away with their short-lived beauty.
    And hooray for radishes.

  3. Hi Sue, thanks, I can't wait to harvest my crops, radishes are very quick to mature.


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