Sunday, May 9, 2021

Vase with a Peek-a-Boo

Above is a vase I made in 2012, see the little peek-a-boo I left. The flowers are green alstroemeria with nice long stems to reach the water, filled to just below the peek-a-boo. Where does the time go?

Things are greening up around here. Cool weather persists but trees are mostly leafing out. The oaks are the last to push leaves forth. A few of my tomatoes are really taking off and some of the peppers too. I harvested my romaine lettuce and we had Caesar salad sans the eggs. I also shared a few heads with my neighbors. My red cabbage is gaining in size but the cauliflower is a bit slower. We shall see about those as time goes by. Meanwhile the dill has doubled in size but the basil needs warmer weather.

I've been using fresh mint in several recipes and I've harvested oregano, mint, sage, and chives and dried those. I'd always wondered about the bottles of rubbed sage for sale at the grocery. Sage leaves are thick fleshy. When completely dry take a bunch of the leaves between two hands and rub them and let the rubbings fall on a plate and then store them. 

Something is eating my roses and one I fear is a lost cause. The canes are dying back on that one. The other has lost nearly all of it's leaves. Not sure if the 17 year cicadas would like them? Haven't seen any evidence to narrow down the cause. I rarely give up on plants but I fear I may have to on these two roses. They made it through the winter and now to die in the Spring; a bitter pill to swallow indeed. Darn I love the fragrance of roses. When I lived in California I had so many roses (link takes you to my first blog for my gardens, Springville Lavender Gardens) and could bring a single blossom in to enjoy for a week or more. Above is a photo of Cecile Brunner in my California garden. Make sure Cecile has a very strong arbor. Below is Joseph's Coat climbing on an arbor I made of rebar. Joseph's Coat is not as aggressive as Cecile so will do fine on the rebar arbor.

Did you know mother's day is celebrated in more than 40 countries. Happy Mother's Day to all those past, present, and future.


  1. Love your garden(s).
    It is very hard to give up on a plant isn't it?

  2. Hi Sue, thanks, yes very hard for me since I almost never loose a plant. I fear some creature has invaded the canes and it is a lost cause.

  3. I like your peek-a-boo vase very much. You have a talent I envy :) I hope this will be a year where I can grow my herbs. Sorry to hear about your roses. It is a beautiful arbor.


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