Friday, August 12, 2022

Pretty Boy Bonkers

More than several times a day I thank my lucky stars for choosing to adopt my pretty boy Bonkers. I'm taking this photo from my desk chair through the window. He has a strategic position to keep an eye on me and visa versa. Bonkers is an ambidextrous cat; he can keep an eye on me and while watching out for an errant lizard or any other critter. The other day our resident wren was actually teasing him outside the screen porch and he didn't know what to make of a bird approaching without any fear. He actually backed up, lol.

Lately baby lizards recently hatched are running along the outside of the screen room. Bonkers has constant entertainment from the natural world surrounding him in this upper story screened in room. Every evening Gary and I have developed a habit of sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs along with Bonkers (who also had his own chair) and reflecting on the day's events. It feels as if we are perched in a remote and isolated treehouse high above the fray below. We are thankful to have our home in such a private yet convenient location with everyday necessities close by. With all the chaos in the world, I realize it is good for me to review how lucky I am in my current circumstance.


  1. Bonkers is a beauty - and that looks like a wonderful space for the three of you to share.

    1. Hi Sue, thanks, it's our daily constitution


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