Monday, May 26, 2014

Keep the Light On

On today's Memorial Day I'm remembering all those who gave their lives to keep our country free by keeping the light on in my lantern. I got these LED lights to test in my lantern; they'll last twelve hours and they run on a battery. If I had brought lanterns to the strawberry jubilee farmer's market I think I would have sold a ton of them.

I think using the LED light instead of a candle is safer especially at a show. I believe anything unusual like this flickering light will attract the passerby at shows.

Remember when I made these flowers? I discovered a small box of them when I was unpacking my studio boxes. I sold a ton of them at the show. They aren't on magnets or anything, they are just do-dads and they were snatched up. I suppose some of them can be ring dishes or spoon rests, perhaps meditation bowls. I couldn't find my pendants but I think I could have sold lots of those as well.

I priced them inexpensively singly or in sets of two or three. One woman bought three for her daughters, one bought two for her young daughter's dresser. They looked nice interspersed on my shelves and table and caught the attention of folks who otherwise might have passed on by.

While I was at the market Gary went home (it's only a  mile or so away from our home) and got me a small amount of clay. I demonstrated some pinch bowls (on the right) and gave some mini lessons to several children (small bowls and mushroom on the left) stopping in my booth with their parents or grandparents. Several folks have signed up for lessons at my studio.

Here's a photo of my new booth shelves which I now have set up in my studio. Sorry I didn't bring my camera to the show, next time. I sold several of my overlapping or stacked towers and they were well received by those visiting my booth. Folks remarked they really liked my work and found it refreshingly unique.

My new shelves fold up in the middle and the sides fold in so they lay flat in my car. No shelves to remove separately. Several good things about the Blairsville Farmer's Market location are it's covered so I don't have to set up a tent. I can back my car right up to the spot and those visiting the market walk down a center aisle. There is piped in music and permanent restrooms and lighting.  Art and craft booths are interspersed among those selling produce and other hand made or home grown items. I was between an alpaca yarn vendor and a soap and lotion vendor. Both have been at the market several years in a row and had lots of repeat business.

My studio is almost totally unpacked so I hope to have a photo or two for you soon. Yesterday Gary and I had a smashing party. Gary said he felt worse about smashing pottery than he thought I did. Several items were broken in moving and others were prototypes with various flaws or cracks. Other prototypes and pottery are now sitting on my new shelves for review or to be organized and repacked for the next show. The kitchen is almost ready for a counter top so stay tuned for a sneak preview soon. Hope you are having a relaxing holiday. Thanks for reading and for all your comments and encouragement.


  1. You are making great progress, gal. Love those farmers markets environments for selling.

  2. Nice that you have a venue close to home. Even nicer that people bought stuff.

  3. Linda, sounds like you had a productive sale! And it also sounds like you're definitely becoming a part of your new community... with people signing up for lessons, etc. I'm so happy for you. Also waiting to see pics of your studio and kitchen!

  4. Good the hear that the market was successful for you. Are you planning to be there on a regular basis?

  5. Your soap vendor might display a small soap ball one one of your flowers. Sounds like a prime spot to me.

  6. I wish I could have been at that market - and I am thrilled that is went so well for you. Sales and lessons booked - you are becoming part of the community. Which is wonderful.

  7. Your lantern is a wonderful idea and looks to right on your porch. We use battery 'candle' floaters in the pond.

    That sounds like a terrific market you have found.... and convenient too.

  8. Fun things happening 'all round', Linda.. a new kitchen, new pots, sales.. :)..yay! T.

  9. Hi Christine, thanks, I like the farmer's markets too, short but sweet.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, unbelievably close to our home, didn't sell millions but better than none at all.

    Hi Rian, thanks, so busy right now in a whirlwind of things to do, looking forward to slowing down a bit.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I want to there every week but they have had a delay on putting up another building so I may have to take my chances on a space till it's put up. Ugh. Have a line on a another market though.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, I was thinking the same thing as you, I do make a small soap dish as well for a bar of soap but didn't have any with me, next time.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, I didn't even get to walk around and they said it was slow. Ha.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, I am trying to think of a lantern I can make that is quick and easy to I can sell more of them. folks seem to want pieces of pottery that are inexpensive so I am thinking along those lines. I don't want to be come a production potter but making enough to sell to pay for space and costs is a goal.

    Hi Trish, thanks, yes persistence and hard work sometimes pay off even if it isn't in the millions. Ha.


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