Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Pickled Green Tomatoes & Disappointment

Just before the first frost of this year Gary went out and picked all the peppers and green tomatoes. I put all the peppers into a big pot of clam chowder. The tomatoes looked so beautiful I wondered if there's such a thing as pickled green tomatoes? Low and behold I found out there is. Check this link for various recipes for pickled green tomatoes. I combined the spices of most of the four recipes into my own blend. I added in some peppers for color.
I planned on five jars, turns out I could have filled 8 or so jars. So I put the picking liquid over the remainder of the ingredients in a bowl and hopefully will jar them tomorrow.
Meanwhile I've been busy making, firing, and stocking up for holiday sales. I made a very large shell textured bowl. I took it off the drape mold too soon and it cracked in the middle due to stress of the soft sides pulling it outwards. I made another one today. Meanwhile I have a deviled egg platter in the planning stages, we shall see if it all turns out. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. GOod looking pickles, hope they also taste good! Still having the patience test of waiting for drying of pots...don't I know the feeling!

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks, I think our house is warmer in summer and the ac goes on more often. We keep our house colder in winter and I forgot to adjust to that fact which I determined after the fact when reviewing things in my mind.

  2. I am so sorry that your bowl cracked. Disappointment is undoubtedly a mild expression of what you felt.

  3. Hi Sue, thanks, I can take these type of things much easier than when I first started working in clay because I can usually determine why it happened.

  4. Sorry to hear about your disaster with the bowl, Linda. How annoying!! (To put it politely!)

    I'm sure your pickled green tomatoes won't be a disappointment, though!


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