Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Yellow Iris and Chive Blossoms

A few years ago we went to a yard sale and the sellers gifted us a bunch of iris bulbs. The plants didn't do much and I had all but forgotten about them. Low and behold the other day one lone yellow iris got a bloom. Don't give up on plants, you never know when you might be rewarded.

The chives with white flowers which are in the ground aren't really doing that well. The ground is hard, rocky, and doesn't have very good drainage. I planted some chives in pots last year and they have taken off. They are a mass of purple blooms and I've been cutting the chives and drying them for weeks. I don't prefer plants in pots because they dry out so quickly but the rewards I'm receiving seem to make up for their care.

I've been putting chives in everything I can think of including as a garnish on top of salads. I love growing herbs because I like to cook with them but also because bees seems to like them. I'm certain the pollen and nectar bees collect from herbs is really good for them. I bring the chives in and clip them into small pieces and dry them on a cookie sheet. They dry in one day. Then I store them in an airtight container for later use. They are delicious on baked potatoes. 

Closer With Culture -  poem by Dorothy 2014

Green peppers
Red peppers
and shallots
Get ready for some intense flavor to hit your pallets

A splash of vinegar
And garlic
Your tongue will dance for joy and actually seem to frolic

Sos Pwa
And baked chicken
The taste buds in your mouth wont know what hit them

Four hours later and I've enriched in my culture
I'm almost like a new woman
Because today I learned to cook food from my parents native nation
The time and effort was so very worth it
And now I feel a little bit more Haitian

Creole Translations:
Epis = herbs and spices
Sos Pwa Rouge = Red bean sauce puree


  1. Oh how lovely, and especially since it was a surprise...the iris. Good to know about those pretty purple chives flowers...someone stuck some in a bouquet I saw the other day, and I didn't smell it even.

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks, I don't really smell them till they are cut, but the flowers are pretty.

  2. I hear you on growing things in pots, but sometimes it is the only way.
    And yes, fresh herbs add immeasurably to any dish.

    1. Hi Sue, thanks, I think lots of folks are missing out on eating herbs and their nutrition with all the fast food places nowadays.

  3. Flowers of all varieties and colours bring colour and joy to one's existence. :)

  4. Hi Lee, thanks, yes even lowly herb flowers.


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