Monday, September 26, 2022

Provide What You Have

My lavender is blooming for the second time this year.
I am not going to harvest it because
 I've seen several hummingbirds sipping the nectar.
This reminded me of some fishermen I once met.
They told me they were fishing in the gulf of Mexico
they were fishing a long, long way from shore.
They said a flock of hummingbirds landed on their boat.
The hummingbirds were very tired flying thousands of miles.
The fishermen quit fishing and let the hummingbirds rest a while.
They gave them a dish of water but had nothing more to give them.
The fishermen provided what they had
a bit of water and a resting place
for some very tired hummingbirds on their long migration.

In person the purple blue blooms look much brighter.

Here's the harvest from the Spring blooms.
Lavender should be harvested when it is in bud for long lasting dried bun,
but the hummingbirds can't get nectar
till the buds are completelly open.
I have the lavender planted in raised bins
because lavender likes good drainage.
If I recall correctly this variety
is low growing and called Blue Cushion.
I think this is the second or third year since I planted them.

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  1. Hi Sue, thanks, I am glad I noticed that the hummingbirds were still around before their migration


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