Saturday, February 4, 2023

Turkey Marsala

Turkey Marsala is my go to recipe for something extra special. There are a few steps to the recipe but they are not difficult. I start with a package of two (both sides) of a turkey breast. I cut the breasts into three pieces. Next I cover my bread board with plastic wrap, lay each piece of turkey breast on the board allowing room between each piece.
Cover the turkey pieces with another piece of plastic wrap. Then I take my meat tenderizer mallet and using the small pronged side, I beat the turkey pieces till they are all a uniform size. You don't have to beat them hard. You are not splitting wood just gently tenderizing the meat. With thicker cuts of meat you might have to tenderize both sides but with the turkey one side was sufficient.
Remove plastic wrap and salt and pepper each side of the turkey breast. Next dredge well in flour. I used a glulten free flour for mine. Set aside to rest.
Slice and saute in a bit of olive oil and a pat of butter 8 oz of button mushrooms in a large frying pan. Set aside in a bowl.
In same frying pan with a bit more olive oil and a pat of butter, saute one chopped fine shallot. You don't need much olive oil. Let the shallots carmelize a bit. Set sauteed shallots aside with the mushrooms. Put on one cup of brown rice in a different sauce pan with two cups of boiling water. Turn down the heat and cover the pan. Brown rice will take about 30 minutes to cook. You may substitute white rice but I like the fiber in brown rice.
In the meantime add a bit more olive oil and two pats of butter to the large frying pan and begin to brown your turkey breast pieces on medium high heat. Don't overcrowd the pan. When turkey breast pices are brown on both sides. Pour in one cup of marsala wine. The alcohol will cook off and you'll be left with sweet and tangy sauce.
Don't use marsala cooking wine, get marsala in the wine section of the grocery. It isn't expensive. The cooking wine tastes more like vinegar. Trust me you want the sweeter flavor of the better quality marsala wine. (Some items you don't want to skimp on). I keep the used bottle of marsala wine in the refrigerator for months to no ill effect. I do the same with sherry wine which are staples in the condiment section of my fridge.
Light the wine on fire with a BBQ lighter standing back from the flames. The red you see in the pan above are the flames burning off the alcohol in the wine. If you have a gas stove often the wine willn catch on fire on it's own near the flame. I am using a glass top electric stove, hence the BBQ lighter. Wine does not flame up as much as hard liquor does, so there isn't much danger, just be cautious. (If I still had long hair I'd keep it in a pony tail).
When the flames die down sprinkle the mushrooms and shallots over the turkey. Turn the heat down to a simmer. Add about 1/4 cup of cream into the frying pan with the turkey pieces. Simmer covered on low, till a fork inserted into the breast pieces goes in easily. They are now ready to serve.
Serve imediately and drizzle some of that pan sauce over the turkey and rice. Sprinkle some chopped parsley leaves over the top for color and freshness. This dish is so delicious; it's one of my favorite meals to cook and eat. We both really enjoy it. You can substitute veal for this recipe. I don't eat veal because I can't stand the thought of a new born baby cow being cruelly taken away from it's mother, caged up, and slaughtered before it grows up. You may also substitute chicken breast or tenders for the recipe. If using tenders no need to cut up or tenderize them.

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