Friday, November 15, 2019

Bonkers Goes Bonkers Over a Leaf

 Bonkers goes bonkers over a leaf he discovered on the screen porch.
 Who would think an errant oak leaf could be so much pleasure.
 He batted it around over and over again.
Then he wanted to come inside with it.
Later he wanted to go back out with it.

Hope you all are surviving the cold.
Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Well-named!
    I love the way kitties choose their toys. KikiLaSois carried around and played with an old straw for a day last week. Next day looked at it with the disdain only a cat can show. 🤭 🐱

  2. Such a cutie. Glad you were able to capture his joy in photos!

  3. Hi Suzi, thanks, Bonkers carried around a green bean this summer for several days, then gave up and we couldn't find it to pick it up; later he found it again when it was dried and he liked it again.

  4. Hi Barbara, thanks, he was so cute playing with a silly dried out leaf, lol.

  5. Cats and kittens are so much fun to watch. They definitely make you smile...

  6. Hi Rian, thanks, yes Bonkers is definitely a welcome respite from the ills and trials of the world and life for both of us.

  7. Ahhh...the simple things in life are the best! :)

    It's not been cold here...unfortunately.

    1. Hi Lee, thanks, I was just thinking that after I read the last line, sorry about that.

  8. I wish my grandchildren would be satisfied with simple toys like your kitty… wishful thinking…

  9. Hi Vagabonde, thanks, perhaps they would like some art supplies which can be quite inexpensive or craft type projects. I always think of that because when I was young I took summer school just to take art classes as I didn't have them in my school which was more geared to the three R's.


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